Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yo Voté

This is what you get when you vote after 6:00 pm in So. California...........only Spanish stickers left.  Do all states supply stickers in other languages?  Did you vote?

I've had this card on the wall for a loooooong time.  I had to dust it off. 

God Bless America. 

Thanks for stopping by and hanging out.

Blessings, b.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

it was the books' fault

Can it really be that long since I last posted?  Sorry about that.  I read a book.  Okay, 4 books. 

When I start to feel overwhelmed ( being too busy or thinking too much) I read.  Some people may drink or eat or smoke or exercise (smarter choice),  but I read.  I can enter someone else's world and forget about mine for awhile. 

Some may call that avoidance but I seem better able to handle things after I've zoned out for awhile. 

I pulled out the Nooker (Nook Color) and looked up FREE books because I'm cheap.  This one had very high ratings.  It is not the type of book I normally read.  I like historical fiction.  Historical fiction with some religion and romance thrown in and you got me.

This one had none of that. But because it had such good reviews I thought I'd try it.

Modern day girl security guard, danger, profanity and sex.  Totally not my cup of tea. 

But I gotta say; I digged it.  There are parts that are very sweet and laugh out loud funny.  Some parts are a stretch but not enough to make me stop reading. 

There are 4 books in the series with another coming out.  Check it out, the first book is free. 

This was another one I really liked.  Its not free now on the Barnes and Noble site....sorry.   There are more to the series but for some reason I like how this one ended just fine. 

Okay enough book talk.  I really just wanted to show you some bag tags I made. 

Jack of all Trades, Woodgrain and Fabulous Phrases sets.  Naturals white, old olive and crumb cake cardstock.  Pumpkin pie, old olive and black Stazon inks.  Window frame framelits, xl bird punch, hemp, big shot, sponges. 

I put these on the latest orders I delivered.  I wrote a little thank you on the back.  I hope they like them. 

I punched out the leafy branch from the bird punch and just used my fingers to curl up the stem and then just man-handled it to come around the stem of the pumpkin. 

Did you all have a nice Halloween?  This was the first Halloween that all my babies weren't home.  Yes, I might have teared up a little. 

We had a few extra girls over to trick or treat with us.  Did I get a pic of Grace by herself?  Nope.  So I cropped a pic because I knew you would want to see. 

I wanted her to wear ruby red slippers but they were against it.  She even wore a broom on her back.  We got LOTS of candy around here. 

Alrighty then, thanks for letting me share.  I promise to have more stampy projects coming up. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking things out.

Blessings, b.