Friday, January 29, 2010

cupcakes anyone?

I'm so glad its Friday! What a week! I've got a new work schedule (lesson learned: be careful what you ask for) and its going to take some getting used to. I'm pooped!

Anyhow, a sweetie pie friend of mine asked for some help with a cupcake box. Hey Fancy Pants! I made one last year for my Artisan Award entry but never took any pics while putting it together. So I made another one and took LOTS of pics. I tried putting it all in a Word document but I couldn't figure it out. And I can't post pics in the body of an email. So its easiest just to post it here. Maybe somebody else would like to see it too. Are you ready?

Here is the one from last year. Super cute if I do say so myself.

Happy Everything, polka dot background and cupcake from an old hostess set. Whisper white and pretty in pink cardstock. Whisper white, choc. chip, regal rose, garden green and real red inks. Scallop circle, 1 3/8" circle punches, pink chunky glitter, white organza ribbon, chipboard frame, tombow multi glue and dimensionals.

I think I made it 3"x3"x3". It really depends on how big your cupcake is.

Here is the other one I made for tonight's little tutorial. She wanted to use it for a baby shower. Since the other one I made was pink I thought I'd go blue this time.

Schoolbook Serif Alpha and polka dot background (retired). Kraft, whisper white and bashful blue cardstock. Whisper white craft ink. Scallop trim punch (SAB catty) bashful blue striped grosgrain and a transparency sheet.

It looks so much plainer than the pink one. Believe me, I putzed around with this thing for 2 days trying to figure out what it needed. It still needs something but I don't have any baby stamps and decided to leave it alone. Less is more, right?

Okay, lets get started. I decided to make mine 3 1/2" square. Now ideally you would know what size your cupcake was and go from there.
I decided to make the sides 3" tall. So I added up 3 + 3 1/2 + 3 = 9 1/2" square. Then I scored each side at 3". That left me with a 3 1/2" square in the middle.
You with me so far?
Then I cut up to the score line and trimmed off the edges on the corners. See? You're glad I took alot of pics now huh?

I used the Tombow Multi Glue because I love it. Its so much easier to use than the sticky strip and I think it holds better. You don't need much.

Now glue and fold up each side. Like this:

Okay, somehow I went out of order here. I should have the lid pics here. Oh well. Now I'm going to show you how to use the new punches.
They come flat. Makes it easy to store them.

On the bottom there is a lock. You just slide it over and it opens.

Ready to use! They are still really easy to use. The punches in the main catalog won't come this way. Just the new ones featured in the SAB catty and the Occasions Mini. This one is the Scallop Trim Punch and you can get it for free out of the SAB catty.

So you stick your paper in there and punch. See how the image is on the side of the punched area?

Line up the punched part with the image and punch again. This will ensure your pattern doesn't get messed up.

See? Cute huh? And easy. Even I can do it without messing it up.

Okay, here are the lid pics. Sorry about that.
For my lid, I wanted 1 1/2" sides and then I needed to add 1/8" to the center so that the lid will fit nicely.
So my lid measured out like this: 1 1/2" + 3 5/8" + 1 1/2" = 6 5/8" square. I then scored at 1 1/2" inches on each side and cut up to the score line. Just like I did with the box.

Okay, now I took those pretty strips of whisper white and glued them on the sides of the lid. Don't glue them to the folded part.

Does this make sense? Oh yeah, I cut a hole in the center so you could see the cupcake inside. You can barely see it here, but I glued in a piece of transparency so that the cupcake couldn't escape.

Okay, now we're gonna glue the folded tabs in. Again, not much glue is needed.

Now for the inside part. The inside is just the same construction as the lid. BUT, instead of adding an 1/8", you subract 1/8".
I'm losing you here aren't I? It sounds much harder than it is.
So for my insert I measured like this: I wanted my sides to be 1". 1" + 3 3/8" + 1" = 5 3/8" square.
I then scored at 1" on each side, cut up to the score lines and cut a hole in the middle ( so the cupcake doesn't dance around in there).

A little glue on the tabs.

Fold them in.

Put it inside. I must have measured mine a little wrong because its a little loose in there. But I don't that cupcake is going anywhere.

Decorate your lid, (but don't spend 2 days like me farting around with it) and put it all together.

It would look even better with a cupcake in there wouldn't it? Oh well...........just use your imagination with me here.

So once you know how tall and wide your cupcake is, making a box is cinchy. Its just a little math. You can do it!!
Okay peeps, I'm off to bed. I have lots of stamping to do this weekend. My big workshop is Thursday. I hope I have everything. Thanks for stopping by and keeping me company.
Blessings, b.

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