Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it fall yet?

I am so ready for some cooler temps! Anything under 100 would be good. What a whiner huh?

So I tried the "mind over matter" idea and started thinking about fall. Fall is my favorite season. Not so hot that you want to wear shorts anymore and not so cold that you don't want to go outside. Not that it ever gets really cold here anyway.

I just got that new pumpkin set, Autumn Harvest and tried to make something for a workshop I have coming up. I've been having a serious bout with "stamper's block" lately and decided to check out the Stamping 411 site. This is another reason I wanted to start a blog. To take part in the color and sketch challenges that are everywhere nowadays. Not that you win anything, its just fun. It was just what I needed. Here is the sketch

Alot of people start out with a sketch. This is my first time using one and it sure made my life a little easier. The 411 site is pretty neat too. They post a new sketch every week. Go check it out.

Anyway, what do you think?

Autumn Harvest. Soft Suede, pumpkin pie, watercolor paper, soft suede DSP and Cast-A-Spell DSP. Pumpkin pie, creamy caramel and more mustard inks. Pumpkin pie grosgrain, natural hemp, non-SU! button, dimensionals, antique brass brads

It still took me 5000 hours to complete because I have children, but I like it. Although I think it might be a little much for my workshop. Looking at it now, I should have put a darker color behind the pumpkins. It seems like too much orange/yellow now. Oh well....................

I used my favorite way to watercolor: Aquapainters and classic inks. I would have put a sentiment on there but I don't have anything Thankgivingy or Fallish. I also wanted to point out that I used our new halloween DSP. That orange paper there? Yep, thats halloween paper. Tricky aren't I?

I gotta get some more stamping done for my workshop. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Wish me luck! b.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


naturally serif die cut, 1/2"circle punch for the cover, choc. chip striped wide grosgrain, scallop edge punch, book ring

I've been wanting to make one of these nifty things since forever. I saw something similar on another blog (can't find it now) and said to myself, "I can do that!" Of course it took me days to get it done. It was really pretty easy though. (eta: I found where I saw it, check it out: Diana Gibb's blog)

I don't own every punch we sell but I do have alot. I punched and labeled each one and made a cutie pie little book. This is so helpful when I look through the catalog. I can see right away which punch will work! AND, as I accrue more punches I can easily add a page.

I also punched out little 1/2" circles and gave it some faux dry embossing. Cool eh? My plan was to have it say "punches" but it wouldn't fit.

I love my little punch book! Would you like one too? Anyone who places an order of $50 (before s&h, tax) between now and Aug. 31st will receive one with their order. So get online or go through your catalog and get an order together and I'll get one of these ready for you pronto!

Here are the promos going on right now:

  • Recruiting Promotion
    Dates: July 15 - August 31, 2009
    Promotion Details:
    Become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator with the limited-time $85 Mini Starter Kit. my code is: murrietastamper


Monday, August 24, 2009


Howdy peeps! I feel like I didn't get a weekend at all. How about you? Did you have a nice weekend? Tell me what fun stuff you did and I'll pretend it was me :)

Remember last time I said a little sumpin' sumpin' about Build-A-Bear? (or BAB to us cool people).

Stampin' Up! has partnered with BAB and has made a line of:
  • 3 different stamp sets
  • 6 different die cuts
  • 2 different embosslits
  • Designer Series Paper

No, I didn't make these cutie things here. I ripped this off the website. There are so many ideas you can come up with! Here is a card I took too.Isn't she sweet? My 2 girls must have 6 or 7 BABs between them and I'm trying really hard not to go overboard here and get everything. The stamp set is really sweet but I know the little one would love to dress and redress the die cut bears. What to do, what to do?

The Holiday Mini Catalogs were shipped out last week, so let me know if you didn't get one. I'll be posting the catalog here on September 1st. That is when you can start ordering the BAB products. I know, its hard to wait that long. Sorry, didn't mean to tease..............

I have something special I want to show you but I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Back to school nite for the big kids.

catch ya tomorrow, b.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

one from the vault

MAN!! this going to work everyday is detrimental to my stamping. It has been so wonderful to see my buddies at work and catch up with everyone, (well, only at recess, which isn't enough time). You don't realize how much you miss everyone until you see them again.

Anyhow, I did sit at my desk tonight and tried real hard to stamp. I couldn't seem to get an idea completely formed. So I came to the computer and looked at all the cards that I've stamped in the last few years. I'm sure most of you don't, but should, take pics of your stamped cards. I do this so I can remember what I did, so I can recreate it later, and also to post on here and on the website. Look what I found from Aug. 2007:

pick a petal. more mustard, old olive and shimmery cardstock. black stazon ink. watercolor crayons, aquapainter, black journaler, distresser from the cutter kit.

isn't she pretty? This is one of my all time favorite cards. It uses the Pick A Petal set. I don't own it, I borrowed it. I used shimmery cardstock. Shimmery cardstock works really well for watercoloring and adds a pretty dimension to the image. I had picked purple for the flower because it is opposite from yellow on the color wheel. The purple is alot darker in real life. Don't ask what color purple it is because I don't remember. If I had to guess, I would say Elegant Eggplant. And check me out, I didn't even use a stampamajig ;) Oh, the little "Hi" is just my writing.

Anyhow, moral of this story is...........look at the things you have stamped in the past to use as inspiration. This card makes me want to start watercoloring again. I have some new pumpkin images calling my name. I wonder how that new Dusty Durango would look...............

catch ya later, b.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I stamped!

I finally got all my stamping stuff unpacked. Well, most of it anyway. Once the new shelves get built then I can get everything put away. So I put me on a little Jane Austen and stamped away!

medallion background stamp, itty bitty backgrounds. confetti white, real red cardstocks, soft suede patterns DSP. crushed curry and soft suede inks.

What do you think? I think its beautiful! When I haven't stamped in a while I will always copy something I like first just to get things flowing. I highly recommend copying. It always works. Except like today when it does work, but now I gotta go get kids :(

This card is in the Stampin' Success magazine we demos get every month. Its a version of one that is on the cover of the IB&C. I love this Medallion Background stamp. I think its going to be lots of fun to play with. Now, the Crushed Curry ink that it uses, I wasn't so sure about. I love, love, love More Mustard. I'm an Earth Elements kinda girl. And Crushed Curry is like a strange version of More Mustard. I will say I really like how it looks here. I also used my Soft Suede Patterns DSP and ink too.

I don't have the spritzer tool, so I just inked up my Itty Bitty Backgrounds with the Soft Suede and lightly stamped several times. Not just putting the whole stamp on it but maybe just a corner or an edge. I didn't want a block of splatters here and there.

Its funny how as I get older, I like my cards without words on them. I might put a sentiment on here somewhere. I'm not sure yet though. I did one on Confetti White cardstock and one on Very Vanilla. Not much difference. Which do you like better?

Hopefully I'll get more stamping done today. I go back to work tomorrow. While I love my job and am very grateful I still have one, I sure could get used to this staying home gig.

Catch ya tomorrow! b.

Friday, August 14, 2009

snowballs in August?

Know how when you start one project and it snowballs into 1000? I'm living it right now. See this?

Pretty huh? Its a very medium neutral color. This pic almost makes it look gray but its just a nice medium tan color. Very clean and smells good too. When you have a husband in construction all kinds of things come home. One of the homeowners had a manufacture defect in their carpet and so they came out and replaced it........with more new carpet with a manufacture defect. So they replaced it again and everything was right in their world.
Well, you can't throw away perfectly defective carpet can you? So it came to my house. It was installed downstairs this past weekend. I can't see any defect, so if you do, don't point it out to me. There are seams in a few places I wish there weren't but hey, its so much better than what was in here. I was going to take a "before" pic but decided I didn't need to document something I would rather forget. We did buy new foam padding and now it feels like you could run a marathon in here.
So we had to pack up the back room down here. The back room is where my stamping stuff is. You have no idea how much stuff you have until you have to move it. I have stuff outside....................

here is part of my desk. The other part is in the garage right now.

more stuff packed upstairs. My whole bedroom is full of books and movies and you name it. Because if you're going to be moving stuff out then you might as well move other things. We decided to switch the computer with the t.v. That means we have wires to move and of course the armoir that the computer is in won't fit where the t.v. was, so new shelving will have to be built. AND if you're moving everything else, you might as well paint!

I like the color but now I see it is the same color as the wood in the fence, and the dog. And very similar to the color of the wooden wall unit that the t.v. is goin on. BUT I am forging ahead and will change it later if I get a wild hair up my butt again. My desk has a nice cherry finish to it so I think that will look lovely.
So there has been no stamping happening here. This is my box of goodies I got last week. They haven't even seen ink yet! (Notice the new baseboard too) Hopefully tonight my desk will get put back in and I can get creative again.
Also, I had put on my website that I was having a workshop here next weekend, the 23rd. Yeah, that won't be happening now. I'm back to work next week and I won't have time to get enough stamping done for it. I'll let you know when I reschedule.
Have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully I'll have some new stamping to show you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I tried.........

to upload more pics of the display boards but I couldn't get them to resize bigger. And quite frankly trying to look at the images on the other pics was ticking me off! I couldn't see any detail and they were kinda fuzzy, and anyway, I figure if you really wanted to see all the boards you could go over to or and check them out. I don't think they are just on the demo side. I'm pretty sure you should be able to see them if you are so inclined. Or, you could just sign up to be a demo and go with me next year. I'd really like to go next year. Wanna go?

Other more important news in my little world..................first day of school.

The day went like I thought. The boy changed his schedule (his counselor loves him), 15 said, "its school, mom" and rolls her eyes. Here they are driving away, going off to school without any help from me, becoming more and more independent every second. I know, I know, thats my job right? I still feel a little sad though, my babies are growing up.

I did try to take "first day of school" pics but they turned out horrible. Fuzzy pics are my specialty lately.

Then there is my baby. She will be 9 in 16 days. I told her I wouldn't post her pic here because she was a little upset while I took it, (of course that one came out clear). So just imagine a sweet little blondie in pigtails crying and trying not to let anyone see. Breaks your heart doesn't it?

The day went fine. She said her teacher was nice and she met a girl who is new to their school and she was very nice too and she invited her over to our house to play. AND, no homework until next week. YIPPY!!

This morning was even better. No tears at all!

Enjoy your day. I'm painting and cleaning and unpacking. But thats a whole other story.....................

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st day of school!

I have pics but they are in the camera still. The boy drove both him and Robin to school. All by themselves! This is the first year we aren't carpooling and it felt very strange.

Then I got Grace to school. She has a teacher I don't know this year. She only cried some last night but was really letting it go in the car today. She always does this. This week and hopefully only 1/2 of next week she'll be like this. She has several friends in the class though. She hates change. That's my fault. I really hate change too. But it didn't help that her teacher this year didn't have a meet and greet before school started. That always helps her get adjusted because she'll know who is in class with her. Big 3rd grader now. I hope she adjusts quickly.

And me? Well, I only cried a little bit. I can't help it! I hate seeing her upset. I can remember being so nervous every single year when school started. Even up into high school. I was incredibly shy. Still am. So I was feeling her pain. And no, she didn't see me cry. Sunglasses are a beautiful thing.

Anyhow, I have a very busy day today. I have a lady coming over that I've never met before and I'm a little nervous about it. I got cleaning to do! But I wanted to show you some of the display boards from convention. See if you can spot my projects. I saved these pics from another site and now realize you can't see them bigger. Let me see about that.

Later peeps!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

last set of display samples

Feeling in the mood for Christmas? This is another set that kinda made me think. So here we go, Tree Trimmings:

This was my first idea with this set. I thought I was being pretty clever. Although on the display boards, I did see someone else make a poinsetta too. I took the flower part of the brad and embossed it with gold ep so it would match the petals. I thought that was pretty clever too. Geez, I'm just full of myself today aren't I? Even though I like the poinsetta idea I don't really like how the card turned out. I kept asking my family, "what if I do this?" "or what if I do this?" Yeah, I drove them crazy.
tree trimmings, sincere salutations. old olive, kraft and ruby red cardstock. Versamark and basic black inks. top note die, gold ep, flower brad combo.
So here I was trying to be creative and use the new "In Colors" for my projects. Why? This is so not a Christmas color! Love the box and the idea of it, but the color. Why did I push it? This box will hold 5 cards with envelopes. Wouldn't that make a nice Christmas gift? Well, sure it would Beth, if it were Christmas colors!
Okay, I'm over it now.

The kraft band around the top comes off, or slides down, so the lid can be opened.
tree trimmings, happy everything. soft sable textured, whisper white and kraft cardstock. whisper white and sahara sand inks. heat and stick powder, dazzling diamonds glitter, large oval punch, scallop oval punch, soft sable dotted ribbon, scallop edge punch and stampamajig.

I thought maybe this could be a nice anniversary/wedding or baby card. I love theses colors together.
tree trimmings, warm words and itty bitty background. bashful blue, creamy caramel, very vanilla cardstock. bashful blue, creamy carmel and choc. chip inks. kraft taffeta ribbon, ticket corner punch, button latte button, linen thread, sponge

Sorry about another crooked pic here. Maybe I'm just crooked. Look at the button. I used a white button from the button latte set and turned it over. I inked it with versamark, then heat and stick, and then dazzling diamonds. It turned out so pretty!
tree trimmings, sincere salutations. real red, kraft, whisper white cardstock. whisper white and versamark inks. silver string, real red wide grosgrain ribbon, heat and stick powder, dazzling diamonds and a 2 way glue pen (for the ornaments)

This is a 8x8 page. I used the small ornament to make holly leaves. I embossed them with clear ep to make them shiny.
tree trimmings and polka dot background. real red, garden green, whisper white cardstock. garden green craft ink, and real red ink. scallop edge punch, playground button, natural hemp, basic black journaler.

Not much Christmasy with this box either. Again, just trying to use the new "In Colors". I was trying to make a ribbon flower for another project and it came out looking like a bow on a package. Thats how this idea came about. I used the 2 way glue pen to put the silver ep on. It was neat because when I heated it up the glue kinda bubbled. Remember Heated Pearls? Maybe we'll do that again soon. The ribbon is taped under the lid so you can just lift off the lid without untying anything.

Here is the top. Cool eh?

tree trimmings. versamark ink. bermuda bay and whisper white textured cardstock. bermuda bay dotted ribbon, large oval punch, scallop oval punch, needle and thread, 2 way glue pen, silver ep, silver string.

These are the last of the display samples. I hope you enjoyed them and maybe got inspired to make something. I'll put up some of the display boards pics so you can see what others did with them too.

Later, I'll catch up with ya tomorrow!

Monday, August 10, 2009

more displays

Well convention is over. It was so hard not being there this year I think because I had so many things on display. I would love to just hang out at the boards and listen to what people were saying about my projects. Heres how it would go:

Two stampers strolling through the display boards taking pics,

"Oh, Rhonda, look at that cute one!"

"Oh, that is cute! Whoever made that is just so talented and thinking outside the box!"

"I wonder who made it."

" I wonder how she did that?"

They are now grabbing other stampers and showing the cute card to them.

Pretty soon there is a mob and security has to be called because the card is in danger of being mauled. Must save the card!

Yeah, I live in my fantasy world. I don't have to leave the house or talk to real people that way.

Actually, some stampers were so nice to take pics of the display boards and I sat at my computer and just poured over each one looking for my stuff. I only had 5 of my "late"
Artisan Award entries up that I could see. Both of my convention swaps from last year were there and then of course all of the display samples. I'll be posting about some new announcements and the Mini Catalog more another day.

So, here are some more display samples. I think this was my least favorite set. I really have no interest in shopping or shoes, (remember, I don't like to spend money) and chocolate isn't really my thing. I'm more of a salty/crunchy person. Couldn't you tell?

Okay, here we go: things i love
I thought the little chocolates would make cute flower buds. I don't have a sister but if I did she would love this card.
things i love, Wonderful Favorites, stems from Cheep Talk. Melon Mambo, whisper white, old olive cardstock. Black gingham ribbon, small oval punch, paper piercer.
Chocolates on a doily.
My imaginative husband said they look like swirly dog poops.
nice vision huh?
things i love, Hugs and Wishes (retired), Polka Dot background. Pretty in Pink, whisper white cardstock. Choc. chip, Pretty in Pink inks. White taffeta ribbon, Sherbet button, wide and large oval punches.
I thought I'd better make a card using all the stamps in the set since I think that is what the original idea was.
things i love. Whisper White, Basic Black cardstock. Real Red, Choc. Chip, Old Olive, Basic Black inks. Stampamajig, silver brads, dimensionals, scallop square punch, 1 3/8 square punch.
Isn't this cute? I used a plate to make a large circle and cut off the bottom.
here is a side view. I just made a skinny little box that would fit a gift card and then taped the circle sides to it. Very cute!
things i love, polka dot background. real red, basic black and whisper white cardstock. real red and basic black inks. scallop edge punch, scallop oval punch, large oval punch. Black grosgrain ribbon

I love this little book . I made it all about Robin. I hated to give it away. I will make another one but you know how that goes.
I cut chipboard to a 4x4 size and covered it with some textured Bermuda Bay and Melon Mambo cardstock. The inside pages are just whisper white. I wish I had nicer writing or had thought to use something else, because its just sloppy. Other than that I think its adorable. I used a 5/8" coil with my Bind-it-All machine.

I think there were 10 pages in it. I just inked up the "i" and used the heart and then wrote something about her. It came out really cute.
things i love. bermuda bay, melon mambo, rich razzleberry, whisper white cardstock. real red and black marders. silver brads, bermuda bay dotted ribbon, corner rounder.

Now, I love the idea of this page. I wish I had put the title closer together but it took me awhile just to get it straight. I'm challenged that way. You can click on it to see it bigger

things i love. soft sable, kraft, whisper white cardstock. Versamark, real red inks. 1/2 and 1" circle punches, antique brass brads, dimensionals, black embossing powder

Thats it for today folks. There is one more set of samples I want show you. So stay tuned for tomorrow's feature. Y'all come back now. Y'hear?

Friday, August 7, 2009

more display board samples

These samples are using the Sweet Season set. At first I had a really hard time thinking of ways to use this other than just tags. But once I got started, watch out! You can click on them to see them bigger. So what d'ya think?

This is my favorite sample from this set. I thought it looked so pretty and sweet. I think it would make a great wedding/anniversary card or baby card. I used some old lace I had in my ribbon box from when the boy was a baby.
sweet season, warm words. bashful blue, brocade blue, vanilla cardstock. brocade blue, choc. chip ink. choc. chip marker, bashful blue taffeta ribbon, linen thread, sherbet buttons

This one uses the thumping technique. Remember how to do that? Just stamp your image in the lightest color ink, then thump on it with 1 or 2 darker colored markers. I think they're cute little fat flowers. Kinda like me ;)

sweet season, warm words and cheap talk(stems). kraft, old olive, whisper white, pumpkin pie, summer sun, ruby red cardstock. old olive, summer sun, ruby red, choc. chip and pumpkin pie inks. scallop, 1 3/8, 1 1/4 punches (I think.......I don't remember..........sorry)

This is a yucky card. I'm having a love/hate relationship with soft suede. You can't see it here but the snowflakes are sparkly.

sweet season, sincere salutations. whisper white, kraft and soft suede cardstock. whisper white craft ink. 2 way glue pen, dazzling diamonds glitter, wide oval punch, soft suede polka dotted ribbon.

Look at my cute little girl. This was at my dad's house for my birthday. It uses one of those small 4x4 canvases you can get at the $1 spot at Michaels. I had painted it white a few times and then tinted the paint with brocade blue reinker.

sweet season. kraft, whisper white cardstock. whisper white and ruby red inks. white taffeta ribbon, linen thread, sherbet button

This was the very first idea I had with this set. I cruched up a brown paper bag and put it inside to look like bread. SU! told us things had to be light so they would hang on the boards. I thought I was ingenious.
sweet season. very vanilla cardstock. choc. chip, ruby red markers. wide twill ribbon, linen thread, playground buttons

Okay, I like this page. I know there isn't much to it but I like it. I actually did put my fingers in the choc. chip ink and put smudgy fingerprints all over it. Why you may ask..................because when I'm done making these this is what my face and hands and shirt and floor and table look like. Clean up is a pain in the patooty but they taste so wonderful.

sweet season. kraft, real red, choc. chip, very vanilla cardstock. scallop edge punch, pinking shears, playground button, sewing machine, linen thread, naturally serif die cut alpha.

Okay, thats all for this one. But wait theres more.........................tomorrow. Well, maybe not tomorrow. We have a hugely busy weekend ahead. I'll see what I can do. Well, don't get mad. Check back on Monday at least.............okay?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

first order

I'm just now realizing I forgot to post what I was getting on my first order. Which hasn't shipped yet! :( I kept it to $150 although I could have gone so much more. But these darn kids are talking about needing clothes and backpacks and shoes for school. Geez! They're so needy!

It took me days to finally figure out what was most important. Way too many options! I would have a list figured out and then I'd change it. Trying to spend my money wisely. The other problem..........I hate to spend money. Its true. Give me a piece of coal and I can squeeze out a diamond. hows that for a mental picture? never mind......................

Here's something funny, as I'm writing this the boy comes in and tells me, "We need to go to Super Target today"

Oh really........................"why is that son?"

Then he proceeds to tell me all the things he

Just made of money aren't I?

Okay, back to why we're here:

bigz clear large scallop square die I cannot wait to use this!!!
medallion background stamp so pretty
wood grain background ahh like wood
jumbo wheel bright blessings
scary skeleton This was one of those I kept hemming and hawing about. The skeleton is so cute though!
DSP cast a spell I wasn't sure about this either. I mean really, do I send out Halloween cards?
DSP soft suede patterns hope I picked the right color
1 1/4 inch wide choc. striped grosgrain ribbon I wanted to get this in each color
autumn harvest I have wanted this forever and finally sucked it up and got it
Country morning hostess set ahh like chickens too
DSP Merry moments matches the Christmas set SU! sent
crushed curry ink pad I already have soft suede, dusty durango and melon mambo

The rest was just regular stuff: adhesive, dimensionals, vanilla paper, catalogs. Hopefully everything will ship today and I'll get it Monday.

If you don't have your catalog yet you can just click on the little picture over there and see it or let me know you want your very own and I'll getcha one.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Do you see my name?! Convention check-in started today and one of my buddies sent me this pic. I'm so bummed I'm not there! But this totally made my day! I was so excited, emailed it to my hubby, made each child come over and look at it, sent it to my downline friend and basically just gazed at it with giddy pleasure. Am I overreacting? Maybe so but...........its so much fun! Thanks again Susan!

Since today officially kicks off convention, I finally can show you the display samples I made. Keeping these under cover has been really hard.

I got 4 new stamp sets and had to make 3 cards, 2 3D projects and 1 scrapbook page for each one. These are the stamp sets the convention goers are getting in their bags. I can't really say that I would have bought any of these. I kinda groaned when I first opened the box. Not being able to go anywhere to see other samples made it really fun though. Any ideas I came up with were totally mine and that was kinda satisfying.

All of these were made with the new set called Hello Again You can click on them to see them bigger.

Schoolbook Serif alpha, Hello Again, Playground buttons, Sherbert buttons, scallop edge punch, old olive, cameo coral, pixie pink, apricot appeal ink, old olive cameo coral, whisper white cardstock, stampamajig

Wouldn't this be a perfect size box for a gift card to a romantic restaurant or maybe some jewerly?
Hugs and Wishes (retired), Hello Again, Old olive, real red, basic black inks, kraft, choc. chip, whisper white and old olive cardstock, real red wide grosgrain ribbon. Used the scoring blade on my trimmer to make the dry embossing around the edges

This one is my favorite from this set. Wouldn't this look cute hanging by my front door?

Hello Again, Warm Words, Polka Dot Background, certainly celery, old olive and whisper white cardstock, certainly celery, old olive, pink passion, lovely lilac and bashful blue inks. Sherbet and Playground buttons, small oval punch, $1 spot Target frame painted with white acrylic paint tinted with Brocade Blue reinker. I freehanded a cloud stencil from some scrap paper and sponged the clouds

Hello Again, kraft, whisper white and old olive cardstock. Whisper white craft ink. Old olive, tempting turquiose, choc. chip and summer sun ink. Distesser from the cutter kit.

This is the last one I made for this set and I was struggling. My least favorite from this set.

Hello Again, Polka Dot Background. Whisper white and real red craft ink. Real red, whisper white and kraft cardstock. Rose wide grosgrain ribbon and letter from the On Board chipboard. I used the Colluzzle to make the circle then used my corner rounder with the guard off to make the scallops. The heart is embossed with clear powder to make it stand out more but you can't see it here.

My sewing machine was pooping out on me here. Same design as the frame but made with just sponging the layers.

Hello Again set. Old olive, whisper white and not quite navy cardstock. Old olive, bashful blue, so saffron, rose red inks. Playground button. Again I just used my cloud stencil and sponged. I did the same for the ground. Super easy card!

Well, thats it for the Hello Again set. I hoped you liked them. I can't wait to see more pics from convention and see what the others came up with.

I'll show you more samples tomorrow. Maybe I'll have more convention pics to show too. Have a happy day and GO STAMP SOMETHING!