Tuesday, June 15, 2010

pink shaving cream?

The girls and I brainstormed today on making a gift box.  15 is going to an all day birthday party tomorrow.  We got the birthday girl some candy, nail polish and an itunes gift card.  So we needed a beautiful box to put it all in.

Let me just first say, the only contribution I had was, cutting the paper and the idea of glitter.  The rest she thought of on her own.  Well, okay, I made the card to go with.

Watercolor Trio and an old retired set (on the card).  Rose red and whisper white cardstock.  Rose red classic and craft ink.  Polka Dot embossing folder (wart maker), white taffeta ribbon, clear chunky glitter (retiring), scallop edge punch, large oval punch, scallop oval punch, dazzling diamonds glitter, shaving cream and dimensionals. 

Groovy huh?  I haven't used the shaving cream technique in years.  Its amazing what kids remember!  Do you remember how to do it?  Well let us show you.  15 got all the materials together and I gave the little one the camera and said, "GO FOR IT!"

Since we were going to do a full sheet of whsiper white cardstock, I suggested she use a cookie sheet.  So fill your plate (or cookie sheet) with some cheapy shaving cream and spread it out.  You can see our can in the background there, along with a few dirty dishes. 

Then drop reinker on top.  I didn't have Rose Red reinker in classic ink so we used craft ink.  Worked like a charm!

Now usually I would use a popsicle stick but she can't be bothered with things like that.  Anyway, swirl the ink around.  But don't mix it too much.

Then place your cardstock on top.  Smooshing it down a little.

Then lift it off.  You can see where it didn't touch down in all the spots.  Thats okay.  It just has more character that way. 

I see the paper towel didn't make the scene yet.  Normally you would place your paper on a paper towel. 

Ahh.....here is the paper towel. Using the flat edge of a knife or a popsicle stick (she actually ate a popsicle so she could use the stick. The things we do for our art.) and scrape off the shaving cream.

When you scrape off the shaving cream, the swirled ink stays behind.  Cool eh?

In the meantime, I started on the box.

I thought the candy was the biggest thing to go in there.  I was wrong, it was the gift card.  Huge gift card, why?  It still all fit though.

Anyhow, I measured the candy.  2 1/2 x 5 1/2.  I added a 1/2" so the base would be 3 x 6. 

Now heres the tricky part;  I wanted the sides of the bottom to be 1 1/2" tall.  So I added 1 1/2" to each side.  I ended up with a 6 x 9 base. 


Then I made the top.  I added 1/16" to the base dimensions.  But then I only added 1" sides.  You always want your lid to be shorter than the base.

Okay, you don't have to do it that way.  But I do it that way. 

Does this make sense?  Same idea as the cupcake box.  Just shorter and rectangular. 

After I made the lid in the Rose Red color, I decided it was too much Rose Red and so remade the lid using the shaving cream paper.

We decided a belly band would be nicer than ribbon to hold the box closed.   I used the rose red cardstock and the scallop edge punch.  Then I used the polka dot embossing folder (the wart maker) to add a little more texture. 

This is some misc. chipboard letter "b" (the birthday girl's name starts with a b.)  I had that she covered in the Rose Red craft ink, dried with the heat gun and then applied the Tombow Multi Glue and then the clear chunky glitter.  I wanted to use the pink chunky glitter, but hey, its not my project.  I did add some dazzling diamonds so it would fill up any bare spots. 

I used the birthday sentiment from Watercolor Trio for the tag.

Nifty huh?  We liked it alot. 

Look at that gargantuan gift card! 

So I had leftover shaving cream paper and decided we needed a little card to go in the box too.

This came out as 3 x 2 1/2.  I used the scallop edge punch again on the bottom.  This is an ancient sentiment that I stamped in Black Stazon.  Same ribbon treatment. 

After I was done I realized I should have run the whisper white cardstock through the wart maker but I didn't think about it until I was done.

So there ya go.  I think it came out really cute.  I'm sure her friend will love it. 

It was fun crafting with the girlies too.  Since it wasn't my project, I just did as I was told........kinda.  Its funny too how, 15 was always the grumbler when it came to my stamping.  I used to feel guilty that it took time away from her.  That is part of the reason now why I don't really do any workshops.  Just a class now and then.  BUT in the last year or so, I think she has been seeing that its fun.  I may get her to start scrapbooking.  HA!

Alrighty then.  The hubs has been sick and not sleeping well, which means, I'm not sleeping well.  The boy had his buddies over today to swim and play video games, and I'm just pooped. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking in.

Blessings, b.

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