Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ribbon abuse......dyed and loopy!

Survivor is over for the season.  Private Practice is over for the season.  There is nothing on TV on Thursdays.  Do I watch TV on Thursdays otherwise?  I can't even remember. 

I surfed the channels and found "The Sure Thing".  Its got John Cusack.  I really like him.  I've never seen this movie (because I don't really watch that much TV) so I'm multitasking, typing and watching at the same time.  Just gloss over the mistakes if you find some. 

I've actually got 2 things to show you tonight.  Here is our finished project.

Elements of Style and Favorite Thoughts (both Summer Mini).  Kraft, old olive and whisper white cardstock.  Black Stazon, sahara sand, regal rose, old olive and more mustard inks.  White taffeta ribbon, aquapainter, top note die cut, sticky strip and dimensionals. 

Pretty huh?  The ribbon is pretty groovy too.  I didn't have/SU! doesn't sell, the color ribbon I wanted so I made my own.  Want to see how I did this?  Check it out:

Regular classic ink and white ribbon.  This is white taffeta but you can use the organdy or grosgrain too.

Grace helped me out by taking some of the pictures. 

Hold the end of the ribbon in one hand and hold the ribbon down onto the pad with a sponge with the other hand.  Then pull.  Keeping the sponge on the ribbon the whole time.  Keep doing this, turning the ribbon over occasionally, until you have the desired color.  This one probably took me 5 or 6 swipes on each side. 

See?  Pretty!

At this point you can let the ribbon dry.  Or dry it with a heat gun.  Or, you can be like me and forge ahead with damp ribbon.  Just to let you know though,  it sticks much better when its fully dry. 

Fuzzy pic from a 9 year old!

Place the sticky strip where your ribbon is going and pull off the liner.

Are those age spots on my hands?!   OY!!

Anyhow, place the ribbon down at the edge of the cardstock and press into the sticky strip.  Leave yourself an inch or so hanging over.

I used my finger to make little loops and then press the ribbon down again. 


Keep going until you come to the edge of the cardstock.  You can be as crooked as you want.  I kinda like it better crooked, but thats just me.........I couldn't do it straight if I had to.


Okay, now you can either fold the ends back and tape them down or trim them.  I trimmed mine. 

Now, I didn't like how the loops were all standing up and everything, so I turned the panel over (before I attached it to the base) and hit the back of it with my heat gun.  Then I laid a book on top for a few minutes until it cooled off. 

See how they look kinda flat and squished?  Looks more vintagey to me that way too. 

So go forth and dye some ribbon and make it loopy!

Okie dokie, thats it from me for tonight.  I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.  15 days of school left.  WooHoo!!

Thanks for stopping by and if you dye some ribbon or try the loopy ribbon, show me.  I'd love to see it. 

Blessings, b.

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Anonymous said...

Beth, I really loved your tutorial because your personality really shows through. I have created a similar look with the ribbon, but folded it down flat, more like an accordion. I love your variation.

I am with you about not watching a lot of TV... but, Thursday night is the night when all the shows I like are on... Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, The Office and Fringe. I don't have a DVR, so I usually watch Fringe if GA is a rerun, and I watch The Office on line :)

Kimberly Allen