Sunday, April 10, 2011

copy cat

Hey there!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  We had a beautiful one!  The weather is just how I like it.  Low 60's and breezy with big puffy clouds.  Perfect. 

So I felt pretty darn good this weekend and got lots of stuff done.  Taxes? Check  Grocery shopping? Check  Clean sheets?  Check.  Plus a million other things that I was supposed to get done while on vacation but didn't feel good enough to do. 

Of course now that I feel better, I gotta go back to work tomorrow.

The children are just starting their vacation though.  In fact the boy has jury duty tomorrow.  Poor kid.  He called today and he has to go in.  I hope he gets to come home by lunch. 

I know that I am overprotective and shelter my kids.  But I just don't think at 18 you're ready to handle something like jury duty.  I mean, thats kind of a heavy responsibility.  A friend of mine just had to serve and the subject matter of that case was not something that I would want to deal with, much less wanting my kid to be exposed to. 

Get over it, right?  Yeah, I know. 

So anyway, I was stamping on Thursday.  I was hanging out in bloggie land and saw this card on Connie Collins' blog and copied it. 

Well, mostly copied it. 

I don't copy really.  In fact, since January, I don't even check out many blogs or websites anymore.  Lately I've been finding it harder to come up with my own ideas if I'm contstantly looking at other people's stuff.

BUT, with that being said, if you are really struggling with an idea or just aren't the type of person to design yourself, then copying is the best way to go.  Especially since that can become a jumping off point for your own ideas. 

A Word for You.  Rose red, basic black and very vanilla cardstock.  Black Stazon ink.  Polka dot embossing folder, big shot, pear pizzaz seam binding, dotted scallop punch and vintage dsp. 

Connie's was much cuter.  This was a super quick and easy card though.  Now that I look at it here in front of me, its much cuter in real life.  You'll just have to come over and see.  Maybe I'll cut down the vanilla square.  I think I'll like that better. 

But I'm not going to do it right now though because The Amazing Race just started.  I hope my cowboys are doing good tonight.  So, gotta go.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Blessings, b.

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