Monday, April 4, 2011

overdue update

Hello everyone!  So sorry for the absence here.  I've been sick .....................again.  This time was a doozy though.  I would say this is the worst sinus infection/bronchitis thing I've had in years.  And of course it would happen now........I'm on vacation. 

My Spring Break started last week.  The kiddos don't go on break until after I go back.  So I'm actually home, alone, without kids.  You're not supposed to get sick on vacation.  I feel a little jipped. 

Anyhow, the green snot is slowly going away and I'm starting to feel better.  I had many plans for these 2 weeks alone.  One of those things was stamping for the Artisan Award.  I stamp better when I'm all alone and this was the perfect opportunity.  I guess God had other plans for me.  Maybe I'm not supposed to enter this year.

I have occasionally sat at my desk looking at things and thinking its not very strenuous to stamp but nothing crafty comes to mind.  So I schlep back over to the couch and nap.  Napping is good.  I set the timer on the stove though so I don't sleep too long.  Being late to pick up Grace at school would not be good. 

So I don't have anything new to show you.  Well, maybe I do.  I haven't shown you bunches of stuff because I was thinking it might be a contender for the Artisan Award entry, (you have to send in 5 cards, 3 scrap pages and 2 3D items).  But if I'm not going to enter then I can show you everything.  Hmmmm...................give me a day to figure it out. 

Let me show you a few things that have been going on before I became a puddle of snot.

A week and a half ago, I had a birthday.  Now I'm more than half of 90.  Hmph.

We had friends over for dinner and they made me a cake.  Aren't they nice? 

Then I had lunch with a friend and she not only made me a killer tuna sandwich and soup for lunch, she made this:

OMG!  This was the last piece before I snarfed it down.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE lemon cream cheese pie.  LOVE IT!  She looked online and found this recipe lemon supreme pie and I'm not lying when I say this was the BEST lemon cream chees pie I've ever eaten.  And you can just tell by looking at me, I've eaten alot.  You seriously need to make this pie. 

16 had her ASL Variety Show weekend before last.  I've been waiting all year for this performance.  She did 2 skits.  This one here is set to the music from Mulan, I'll Make a Man Out of You.  She is the one in the middle with the fighting stick.

Fierce warrior signing her part.  She is the one in the middle.

Again her part.  She looked really mad the whole time.  I asked her about it, "Well Mom, I'm a fierce warrrior!"  Okay, okay..................

I just thought I'd see if someone had uploaded it to YouTube and of course someone has.  I've never tried to upload a You Tube video so I'm not sure this works, but this is the performance.  I'm so proud of her.  It makes me tear up just watching it again. 

This was another one.  The name of this song was I Refuse.  Great song.   She was a bum.  Great bum. 

Then I also had the March card class at my house.  I so love it when the ladies come to stamp.  I have such a good time with them. 

The hubs had gone to visit his parents and Pop sent this home for me. 

Here is the Wikipedia definition:  valerian root

Medicinal useValerian is used for insomnia and other disorders as an alternative to benzodiazepine drugs, and as a sedative for nervous tension, hysteria, excitability, stress and intestinal colic or cramps.

Holy cow Pop!  What the heck are you drinking! 
I just found this so funny.  Pop is so straightlaced.  When we all go out to dinner and the waitress asks if we'd like anything to drink, he'll tell her, "We don't drink any alcohol."  HA!  Okay Pop, but can I have a Diet Coke? 
I do have insomnia and migraine headaches so I will be trying this the next time one hits.  Its really stinky though. 
Alrighty then, I'm going go lay down again.  Being upright kinda kicks my butt.  Hopefully we'll be back to our normal programming tomorrow. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. 
Blessings, b.

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