Sunday, January 6, 2013

December Daily 2012

Okie dokie.  I took pics of my Dec. Daily album today.  So grab a cup of something yummy and maybe even a snack.  There are ALOT of pics today. 

note:  some of the pictures in the album are blurry and over or under exposed.  I decided I would rather add a blurry pic than not use it at all.  The memory/story is still there even though the pic is not crystal clear.  

The final size is 4x6.  I will probably just use some binder rings to put it together. 

This originally was going to be the inside of the front cover.  Grace had wanted to make the cover  but then changed her mind.  So I turned it over and made this the front.  Genius!

The inside of the front cover is just a little bit about each of us during this time in our lives.

The journaling for Dec. 1 is a 4x3 piece of cardstock.  I stamped the number on a wood sheet and used the lid of my chapstick for the ring.

I just glued the pictures to each other.

I don't have Photoshop or anything fancy.  So I opened Dec. 3 in Paint and put a text box on it and just put the journaling right on the pic.

Some days I had more than one picture.  I just added more pages.  Simple.

I plan on putting the Costco receipt in here.  The green is actually a pocket so I can slip it in. 

See that button up there?  That is one of the buttons that they were giving away at J.C. Penney.  I got a few of them.  I took off the pin part and then hot glued it to the tab.

The same day of the Newtown shooting, Grace's school was on lockdown when I went to get her.  Talk about scary!  I wrote on the pic with my white gel pen. 

I did my journaling on a cone wrapper from Coldstone.

On the 16th I did my journaling on a piece of vellum.  To cover the glue on the sides I put a piece of sticky strip and then covered it in glitter.  I know glitter is not a good thing to have close to pictures but I like it anyway. 

Another button from JCP.  I got behind on the picture taking and journaling for a week.  So I just put them all on one journal page. 

I was playing around with picture sizes and found a way to open a Word doc. and put 2 pics on a 4x6 page.

I printed the 3 pics as a wallet size and then just cut them down to fit. 

I'm leaving the back of the album blank. 

Alrighty then, thats it.  I so love this project.  A big reason I love this project so much is because there is no right or wrong.  It is whatever you choose to make it.  Not all of the pictures are perfect (probably none) but they tell my story. 

You can see here to find out what Dec. Daily is all about.  On the left side of my blog you will see links to my past Dec. Daily albums.   Plan on doing it next year.  You won't regret it. 

Okay, Downton is coming on pretty soon.  I have my tea all ready.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hanging with this lllloooooonnnnnnngggg post.

Blessings, b.

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