Wednesday, June 3, 2009

this is long so bear with me

check out this freaky weather we're having today:

this weather wasn't expected. The weather man said, "its not a storm. Its an energy cell that is being created around the low we're experiencing." HUH??
Well, whatever it is, its been pretty darn cool all day, I can tell ya! Thunder, lightning, hail and rain. Growing up in So Cal we never had extreme weather - unless you mean heat, that we get plenty of. This has been so fun. Yep! I'm easily entertained :)
I have to give a shout out to the Geek Police website, . Last night while I'm trying to make dinner, Robin went to some website looking for pics for a final project. Up comes a window that says we have been infected by some trojan thingy and you should download this "Personal Antivirus". Why does this stuff have to happen when I'm making dinner?
Anyhow, you all know that I am computer challenged! So I'm thinking, "I already have virus protection, why should I download this?" Now these little morsels of mental clarity don't come to me as often as I would like. So I go to "google" and try to find help. help did arrive!
Apparently "Personal Antivirus" is a scam. A SCAM I TELL YA!!! They just want your hard earned $59.99 to clean your already clean computer. Yes, I did pat myself on the back for having that little morsel of mental clarity. So away I went to Geek Police (that I found on google), and not only did I find out how to get rid of it, it didn't cost me a cent! Doctor Inferno is my hero! Go check them out when you need help.
Now, I do actually have a card to share today. I have a scrap page too but the pic didn't turn out very well, so we'll just have to wait a little longer.
This uses the Independence Day set. Its also retiring. I know I kinda skipped right over Father's day but I'll get to it.
I'll try to get the retiring list up tomorrow. I gotta go get kids and then hit the ortho and then hit the pool supply store and then hit Michaels (looking for a Joe Cool stamp for Grace's teacher) and then come home and whip up something utterly delish for dinner. Wish me luck!

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