Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mrs. Green Jeans

Remember Mr. Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo?  Am I showing my age? 

Hello hello.  How is everyone today?  Try as I might I can't seem to post as much as I want.  But I'm always trying. 

Convention is going on right now.  As we speak.  I'm not there.  I hope to go next year.  It will be my 10th year with Stampin' Up! and their 25th anniversary and I'm planning on REALLY TRYING for the Artisan Award.  So next year I hope to go. 

So today I have a TON of pics for you.  I mean BUNCHES.  I mean ALOT.  Not stampy stuff but garden stuff.  I'll have stampy stuff in a day or so. 

So if you're interested, put on your thinking cap because I have questions for you.  Grab a cup of something good to drink, sit back, relax and check out my garden.

I only started it a few weeks ago so its still in its baby stages. 

A volunteer sunflower that the birds planted.  Its died off now and the birds are enjoying it.

The neighbor behind us has a tree that hangs over our fence.  It has these on it that fall into my yard every year.  They don't bother me at all.  Sometimes the birds eat them.  I have a question though: what are they? 

Now I know you're thinking: why not just ask your neighbor?  Well, the owners rent the house out and we seem to get new people every year or so and they never know anything.  So, any ideas?

This is the inside.  They are crunchy but taste almost bitter.  Crabapples maybe?

I spotted this guy in my yard last week.  I've never seen a woodpecker in our area before.  I haven't seen him again though.  I wish he would come back.

Remember the sunflower I just showed you?  Here it is now.  What a difference a few weeks makes huh?  The birds love it!

This is the first year I've seen Goldfinches.  I've seen 2.  I'm assuming they are a couple.  The lady next door had cut down ALL of her trees and I was afraid these guys would be gone for sure.  So happy they are here.

Then there is this guy.  What is he?  Its hard to see but the whole top of his head and face down his belly is red.  Any ideas? 

Box #1. 

carrots.  When they get a little bigger I'll have to thin them.  You can see all the apple/cherry things that fall in here.

broccoli.  I know its not the right time for carrots or broccoli but I'm trying it anyway.  Such a rebel!

Watermelon.  These are actually outside the box so they can roam.  They are Bush Baby Watermelon and supposed to have shorter vines.  I know, kinda late to plant watermelon but we'll see.  I'm always harvesting things well into November. 

strawberries.  I got these as starter plants.

Box #2

This is another volunteer the birds planted.  It is a Mammoth Sunflower and it is sure holding up to its name.  Last year the sunflowers were wimpy compared this year.  And I didn't even plant them!

I just wanted to show you how thick the trunk of this thing is.  Talk about Jack and the Beanstalk........only with sunflowers.

Celebrity tomato starter plant. 

See my little pine tree?  My neighbor next door had pine trees all along her back fence.  Well of course pinecones and needles blow into my yard and I ended up with 7 baby pine tree volunteers!  I'm hoping they continue to grow. 

Valencia Onions.  I've never grown onions from seed so I'm excited to see what I get.

Yellow Pear Tomato.  I started these from seeds and they almost died several times for various reasons.  I'm hoping it keeps growing.  Right now it seems shocked. 

Box #3  I left the trellis up from the cucumbers last year just because I may plant them in there again next year. 

yellow squash.  I thought I had bought zucchini seeds this year too but I can't find them and I can't find any in the stores either.  I did find zucchini starter plants but they were full of ants and I didn't want to bring that home!  So no zucs for me this year  :(

The other half of the box is empty right now.  I may plant beets. 

Box #4 

Anaheim Chili.  I had planted this last year and just cut it back in Jan. for new growth.  I have already harvested 2 HUGE bowls of chilis.  Some branches broke off (not sure birds? wind?).  I put a cage around it now for support.  But now about 50% of them have are turning black.  Not because they are changing from green to red.  Not sure what is going on.  Any ideas?  This plant also had lots of these little white flies.  And white spirals on some of the leaves.  Any ideas?

Tenderbush Green Bean.  These are coming up strangely.  Not all at the same time and some not at all.  I may plant more.   Right now I have an upside down tomato cage on them.  I'm hoping The Hubs can bring home some wood so I can make a tee pee for them to climb. 

Bush Champion cucmbers.  These guys popped right up.  I think I have some volunteer sunflowers coming up with them.  I've tried growing cucumbers the last 2 years and have only had 1 that was edible.  Hoping for lots more this year. 

pumpkin.  Oh my but these are happy plants!  I know its late for Halloween pumpkins but I don't care.  I can still make pumpkin bread. 

Red Seedless Grapes!  I planted these 3 years ago and this year it is producing.  I only have 3 bunches but I'm so excited to try them.  I'll pick them when I get back from my dad's.  My Thompson plant isn't producing yet.  Hopefully next year. 

This year I used a combination of Kellog's Ammend and Garden Soil.  I also put a line of diatomaceous earth around each box.  Toward Aug. and Sept. last year I had ants take over Box #4.  I'm hoping to avoid that this year. I also put it around the pear tree so hopefully the ants don't get to the hummingbird feeder.  So far so good.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Alrighty then.  I told you it was alot of pics.  If you have any advice or suggestions please send them my way.  I really have no clue as to what I'm doing and need any help I can get.  

In other news, tomorrow Grace and I are going on the train to stay with my dad for a week.  We've never taken the train.  Its an overnight trip and Grace got so excited when she saw the sleeping rooms on the website.  So I got one.  Problem is, my claustrophobia has gotten worse as I've gotten older and I really don't know how I'm going to handle it.  I'm afraid it will be like sleeping in a coffin.  Not that I'll actually sleep.   Any advice? 

I plan on blogging while I'm there.  I do have some stampy posts all ready to go.  Now I just have all my chores to get done.  Wish me luck! 

Blessings, b.

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