Wednesday, July 17, 2013

claying around

Hey there!  Just a few things today.

First of all, I know my photography skills are lacking but trying to get a good pic of this card was obviously beyond me.  Lookee,

Banner Greetings and This and That Rotary stamps.  Pistachio pudding, strawberry slush and black Stazon inks.  Sahara sand, whisper white and strawberry slush cardstock.  Window frame framelits, big shot, this and that washi tape, fun flowers die, corner rounder,  vintage faceted buttons and white bakers twine.

It really does look much better in person.  It looks so washed out here.  I got this color combo off of one of the new Color Coach cards. 

The Sahara Sand cardstock is the old textured stuff.  NOW, we carry each color family in the Core-dinations cardstock which is textured.  I'm going to get me some of that..........but I don't have it yet. 

I'm improvising ;)

 Now this looks easy enough, right?  There is a little trick you need to do to ensure that the white panel is straight on the front.  Check it out,

Die cut what size window you want.  This piece is 2" x 3.5" and uses the 2nd framelit from the middle.  Now here is the trick; lay your window on the cardfront so that it is even and where you want it to be.  Use a pen or pencil to mark 2 of the points. 

Now you can lay the framelit on there and it will be placed right where you want it.  Its an extra step but will save you from pulling out your hair because you cut it and it isn't straight when you line up the holes.  I speak from experience.

Isn't that flower pretty?  I had a groovy idea for this.  I was just going to use a few layers of cardstock but I wasn't getting the effect I wanted, so I got my handy dandy forgotten brayer out and colored some plain white tissue paper. 

TaDa!  Strawberry Slush tissue paper!  The bottom layer is the Strawberry Slush cardstock, then plain white tissue and then Strawberry Slush tissue.  A Strawberry Slush flower (from the same Fun Flowers Die) and a vintage faceted button. 

You can see where the tissue wrinkled and didn't get the ink.  I thought the white streaks looked cool. 

Kind of like the gray streaks in my hair.  I keep telling myself they look cool. 

Okay, so a few weeks ago I got the new Simply Pressed Clay.  BUT the molds were on backorder.  The molds came on Monday and Grace got busy. 

Awesome!  I really do like them.  The buttons are harder to deal with but so worth it.  Grace found if she put a small amount of clay in the freezer for a few minutes she could work the button molds easier.  I put the clay in the mold first and then froze the whole thing for about 10 min and it worked great. 

I don't have many reinkers so we took a small amount of clay and just pressed it into the ink pad and worked the ink in.  Worked great! 

She got crafty and swirled inks.  This is Strawberry Slush and Crisp Cantaloupe. 

They dry pretty quickly.  Although we've had some pretty dry weather the last few days.  They recommend you let them dry for 24 hours.  We let them go about an hour.  I haven't made anything with them yet but I got ideas.

Try them out, its fun!

Today I thought I would cat-proof the cat's favorite veggie box.  During the winter when I didn't have anything in there (except pine trees) she decided it was the best place to go potty.  OY!

I had added a bunch of soil to that box and mixed it well but between that and the fact she likes to lay in there, almost all the onions I planted croaked.  So I fixed her wagon today. 

I added even more dirt and planted carrots.  I'm wondering if that is what is wrong with my tomatoes too.  The leaves are still curled.  I've tried less water but its been almost 100 everyday and the soil is dry in the evening when I check it.  So I'll have to hope the volunteer yellow pear tomatoes do well.  Darn cat! 

Okay, one last thing.  I've discovered the movie Pitch Perfect.  19 loves it.  She is forever quoting it during regular conversation.  Grace has watched it too and so I had to see what it is all about. 

Yes, I now love it too. 

Whats funny is my entire family will make fun of the fact that I like Glee (poor Cory Monteith) and really, that is what Pitch Perfect is.  Kind of.....sort of.  Who knew Anna Kendrick could sing?

Anyway its cool.  Enjoy.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sticking around.  I love that you do that. 

Blessings, b.

p.s. All you people at convention, have extra fun for me.  I will miss being there. 

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