Monday, August 30, 2010

double digits, veggies, reading, stamping.............

Grace is now in the double digits.  10!  Its amazing how quickly a decade can go by.  This is the only child where I cut the umbilical cord, and she acts like its still attached.  She is never very far from me.  I love her alot.

Okay, I'll go ahead and fess up as to why I haven't posted on here in too many days, I was reading a book.  Nothing else happens around here when I have a book to read. 

The Mockingjay came out on Tuesday.  Its the last in the Hunger Games series.  So good!  I'll have to read it again when there aren't so many distractions because I have a few questions about it.  And see that face looking at you?  I made that at Back to School night on Tuesday.  16 is taking ceramics and the teacher let us parents try our hand at one of their assignments.  I call him Mr. Squarehead.  Pretty cool!

A garden update:

The weather has been super duper hot around here.......until Saturday that is.  Then is was only 79 and breezy all day.  Just beautiful!  Its going to get back up into the mid 90's by the weekend though.  Poor veggies, they are so confused. 

I pulled all the Anaheim Chilis off the plant.  I roasted some for dinner the other night.  YUM! 

This box has the green beans on the very end here.  I only planted those on Aug. 3rd.  They are already climbing to the top of the fence. 

1 zucchini.  Thats it.  This was a starter plant that I also planted Aug. 3rd.  Its a very happy plant and has 3 other tiny zukes on it. 

This is the red and green bell peppers, anaheim chili, yellow squash (seeds I planted Aug. 3rd) and cucumber.  My poor cucumber is just struggling.  Maybe next year. 

This whole box isn't doing so great.  The yellow squash are prolific but once they get to about 3 inches, they wither and die.  I have 2 on there now about that big and hoping they make it.  They tomato plants have had a really hard time this year between the dogs and cat and rain and who knows what else.  Next year this box will be by the others. 

This is what happens to sunflowers when its 109 outside and the dogs decide they need some nice wet dirt to lay in.  I was so mad!  They took out 4 plants that were almost 3 feet tall.  See that plant on the end there?  Those are my Thompson grapes that tried to die and I kept at them and now they are so happy!  Hopefully next year I'll have grapes. 

Okay, you ready for some stamping?  I thought so.  You are so patient with me.  You guys rock! 

No stamps!  More mustard, cajun craze, very vanilla and basic black cardstock.  No ink!  Polka dot embossing folder, Newsprint DSP, curly label punch, 1" circle punch and 1 1/4" circle punch, vanilla taffeta ribbon, hemp and dimensionals. 

No stamps and no ink!  HA!  I didn't even realize that until I was writing this up.  I'm trying to find ways to use this DSP.  I want so badly to use new stuff but it isn't here yet.  Wait until you see!  I used my little punch trick again on the border here.  See here for for how I did that. 

I didn't have a stamp that said what I wanted and was too lazy to print it up on the computer.  So here goes the ol' sloppy handwriting.    I used the 1" and 1 1/4" circle punches and the border was a little too thick so I cut it down with my scissors. 

Okie dokie then, I'm going to try and get back on schedule here.  No more reading.......for now.  I have new goodies coming and I'm so excited. 

Thanks for stopping by.  You make me feel so special. 

Blessings, b.


Carol said...

I read the first book, Hunger Games and enjoyed it. So I started reading Catching Fire and just couldn't get into it. I think it was the worms! I may pick it up and try it again some time. Luckily, I work in a library so can pick it up whenever I want.

Carol said...

OK.....I got my books mixed up. I did read both of the first 2 books of the series and really enjoyed them. The librarian told me yesterday she will be ordering Mockingjay soon. Told her I had first dibs on it!
The books I was thinking about were Hunger and Gone. I liked Hunger but couldn't get into Gone. I am always getting Hunger Games and Hunger mixed up.