Saturday, January 8, 2011

back from the dead

Okay, I didn't really die.  For a few days there I just felt like I wanted to.  Especially when I'm laying there, coughing up a lung and a pile of tissues is threatening to overtake me, and the children are home on vacation.

"I'm bored." 

"What's for lunch?" 

"Mom, the computer is doing something weird." 

"Where is my fill in the blank ?"  etc...............

UGH!  I love my kids.

Now, I did get to read a few books.  I reread the last Harry Potter.  I wanted to go see the movie but haven't quite made that yet.  And I read the first 3 Anne of Green Gable books.  I've never read them before.  I loved them!  Have you read them?  (I've been trying to read more of the classics this past year.)

I love reading about that time period.  Things were so much simpler then and Anne has such a wonderful outlook on life.  She makes the best out of everything.  I'm trying to be more like that. 

Things are very uncertain for me job-wise for the next school year and so I've been trying to make the best of everything.  Trying to see what opportunities are available, what other paths I can go down........trying to be somewhat excited for changes to happen instead of dreading them.  I have a hard time with change. 

But you know, when you're laying on the couch, (for more than 10 minutes because you actually do get up and fix the computer or help them with the dial on the washer or play a game of Scrabble where the biggest word you can conjure is "snot"), and contemplating your life, you notice how dirty the windows are.  Or the spider webs that are softly swaying in the heater's breeze.  Or the accumulation of cat hair on the back of the couch.  Or the dust on the lamp shade.  Or............the list goes on.  Really not the best of environments to be contemplating your life.  Kind of depressing actually. 

What was my point?  Really, I was going somewhere with this.  Give me a minute...................................

See?  I've been interrupted 13 times (not joking) since I sat down to write this and have lost my train of thought.  Its a wonder I get through the day.

It'll come to me.  Probably at 3:00 in the morning and then I'll forget again by tomorrow. 

Anyway, Mommy is definitely feeling better and things are starting to run smoothly again.  I'm playing catch up on so many things. 

I know, you'd think I'd be catching up on cleaning.  Yeah,   Although the laundry is done ;)

I've been getting the December Daily done.  And I am done except, I ran out of ink.........again.  I'm only 1 picture away from it being complete.  Woo Hoo! 

Here is the front cover:

Classic Numbers (retired) and Christmas Classics set.  Confetti white, early espresso and daffodil delight cardstock.  More mustard and real red ink.  Brights and Neutrals Patterns DSP, sticky rhinestones and dimensionals.

I started this without an album to put anything in.  Ali was making hers 6"x 8".  So I thought I'd just do the same.  Now I'm just too cheap and lazy to go find an album it will fit in so I just punched some holes and put book rings in them.  It works really well but I'm a little concerned about the fact that the pages are not protected.  I used the Tombow Multi Glue on everything so I don't think anything will fall apart.  Time will tell I guess. 

Then here are days 1-7.  A few weeks went by and I didn't even sit at my desk to do the Dec. Daily.  BUT, I did keep taking pics and a running list of anything that happened each day.  So that when I went back to put it all together, all I had to do was find the pic and put it together.  Next year I hope to be more on top of it everyday or so.

day 8

Not much happened this day so I put in Grace's Christmas list.  The boy didn't make one this year and nobody can find 16's. 

day 9

What you may notice is that I quit making each day a 2 page spread.  My life is just not that exciting to accomodate that.  So I started doing 1 pagers. 

day 10

This page didn't photograph very well. 

day 11

day 12

Alrighty then.  I have more done but I'll show you later.  I need to get the ink and finish printing the pics. 

Holy cow!  I just reread this whole post and its so long and hardly makes sense!  See what happens when I don't talk to anyone except myself and teenagers in too long?  I just ramble.  Okay well, maybe you just skipped all that talk and just went for the pics.  Does anybody read all my nonsense anyway?

Thank you so much for stopping by and keeping things tidy around here.  I hope you are all staying healthy.

Blessings, b.


Mary said...

Hey Beth,
Yes I read your whole post and yes, it did make sense! After all, it's your blog and you can put what you want and I think that gives your readers a idea of what you are like, and your perspective and thoughts....makes perfect sense to me!! Love seeing more pages of the album - you will look back at it later and it will bring back so many memories and emotions and you will be glad you did it!! So will your kids because it's in your writing....something they can share with their future kids and spouses. Yeah, I love the Anne of Green Gables and her positive outlook, and how she learns from her mistakes. Especially the movies and the actress in them....Gives me the warm fuzzies. So now that you are well, everyone back to their "routines" - have you checked out the new SU Occasions mini-catty?!! Mary

Anonymous said...

I always read ALL of your beautiful-nonsensical (is that a word?) stuff!! I love, love, love what you're doing and someday will be half as good at it!! :) Love ya, miss ya!!