Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Did you have a good day?  Get to sleep in?  Breakfast in bed?  Phone calls?  Texts? 

I got to sleep in.  I didn't get out of bed until 8:30!  Unheard of!  I sleep with my windows open a little (I like the cool air) and the birds usually wake me if the alarm doesn't.  But this morning, all the animals were cooperating.  The birds were quiet and the dogs didn't bark.  No lawnmowers.  Nothing.  It was wonderful. 

Breakfast?  Mind you, my husband doesn't cook.  Well, he can cook grilled cheese, spaghetti, eggs and toast.  Thats about it.  So McDonald's was breakfast.  I love their biscuits.  If I had to wait for the kiddos to get up I would have been waiting until 10:00. 

I knew I wanted to try a new adobo sauce recipe for tonight so I threw a roast in the crock pot and planned to finish reading a book. 

You know how one thing leads to another and I didn't get to the book until 1:00. 

Grace and I made cake balls.  My hubby laughs at that name.  "Is that like ham balls?"  I've been wanting to try making them.  They are just cake pops without the "pop" part.  I figure, its just us.  Why waste money on lollipop sticks?  Our fingers work just as well.

Have you ever made them?  Me neither.  BUT one of the teachers at work was talking and talking about them last week and my curiosity got the better of me.  I'm not really big on cake but these sounded good. 

Anyhow, you bake a cake like the box says.  Let it cool and then crumble it into a big bowl.  Add a container of frosting and mix.  Then make little balls and put them on a cookie sheet.  Put the cookie sheet into the frig for a few hours so they are easier to handle. 

Then melt some chocolate.  I used milk chocolate chips.  Dip and if you're smart and thinking ahead place on wax paper.  Don't be like me.  I also drizzled some white chocolate chips on there.  Then refrig again. 

We had them after my wet burritos dinner experiment.  Which came out okay.  I need to tweak the sauce recipe a little and then I'll post it for you to try. 

The texture was not what I expected.  They were good but different.  SUPER chocolately.  Too chocolately for me.  The kids will eat them up. 

The guys worked on the final wall details today.  It is complete and ready to be back filled.  When is the tractor coming?  Maybe next weekend? 

The backyard is  s  l   o   w   l   y  getting done.  Its been halfway done for 5 years.  Time to light a fire under that guy.  Poor Codie!  Supervising these guys is hard work!

I picked some roses Friday afternoon from my next door neighbor.  Actually the house is empty now but the roses are still blooming.  Anyway, when my neighbor lived there she said I could pick roses anytime I wanted.  They smell so good! 

These are my Mother's Day cards from the kids.  Grace made 2.  I've always told the kids, "You don't need to give me a present but, you better darn well make me a card with some kind of love letter inside."  The boy usually waits until the day of.  His is the card with the cartoon showing me holding a vaccum and a mop with a pot on my head.  What?  Have I ever done that?  I don't think so. My kids are funny. 

When I was uploading the pics from my camera tonight I found pics from last week.  Last Saturday was the golf tournament for the HS band. 

The hubs is in charge of organizing this event and one of my jobs is to make up the goodie bags. 

  They had a great time.  The weather was perfect and the food was good. 

Here is a random pic of a little note 16 left for me one day.  I think she has a future with Hallmark. 

A Flower for all Seasons set.  Cajun craze, real red, more mustard, old olive, soft suede and sahara sand inks.  Watercolor paper, cajun craze and early espresso cardstock.  Aquapainter. 

Last but not least, a little stamping goodness for you. 

I had a workshop last Thursday.  This was the hostess gift I made.  Several years ago the $spot at Target had these little metal frame magnets.  I had picked up a whole bunch thinking I would do a stamp camp project but never did. 

They are the perfect size for this cute set.  I was going to put words on there but nothing I had would fit.

I think I need to make some for my frig.  I still need to take pics of the cards we made.  I'll get that done this week. 

Other stuff:

The boy had his english placement test at the college yesterday.  Took forever!  We got his graduation announcements the other day.  Makes it all the more real.  I decided not to make them.  I wanted him to have ones with the school logo and everything on them. 

16 is studying like crazy for her AP Biology test tomorrow.  I swear she is studying for a doctorate.  Its all Latin to me but she understands (most of) it.   I've never seen anyone have so much homework!

Grace starts her state testing this week.  Only a few more weeks of school left.  We are so ready. 

Boy!  I'm reading over what I've written and its a whole lot of rambling!  See what happens when I only get on here once a week?  I need to fix that don't I? 

Well, if you've actually read all of this, God Bless You.   I mean, God bless you anyway but you deserve extra for hanging with me.  Thanks for stopping by.

Blessings, b.

ps.  Oh yeah, the book I finished reading today?   Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer  The boy has to read it for class and annotate it.  It was an interesting read.  Makes a person think.  I could go on and on but you've been subjected to enough for one night.  Maybe we can open this discussion another day.  If you have any thoughts about it please let me know. 


Anonymous said...

WHAT WAS IN THE GOODIE BAGS????!!!???? I gotta know! lol They were cute! Also, Happy Mother's Day! I got breakfast in bed and two cases worth of flowers (some stolen, but mostly Eh, my neighbor doesn't mind! Miss you lady!

Anonymous said...

Oops, in the previous post, I mean two VASES worth, not cases of flowers! lol

Sharon Carr said...

Love that little magnet with the sunflowers! That set is so cute. Now I need to look for magnets too!!