Friday, June 18, 2010

Schedule needed now!

Hey there!

We had such a beautiful day here today.  There is never a perfect time for weeding but today came about as close as I'm gonna get.  I'm embarrassed to admit it but, my whole front planter was overgrown with weeds.  I got about 75% done.  I still have a bunch of devil grass in there choking my daylilies.  I'll work on it some more tomorrow.  

The first week of summer vacation is already over.  I still need to get a rhythm going.  I didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked.  I plan on making a schedule.  You know, like, Toilet Tuesdays or Mopping Mondays.  Nothing goes with a "V" so I guess no vacuuming.  HA!  Anyhow, I need to get organized.  It doesn't help that one of the sinks in my bathroom started leaking this week and I had a puddle under the cabinet and carpet.  Everything is torn up right now with blowers on it, drying it all out.  Good thing the hubby can fix anything.  I think I'll keep him around.

Anyhow, I did get some stamping done yesterday. 

Inspired by Nature.  Night of navy, crumb cake, more mustard and soft suede cardstock.  More mustard and soft suede ink.  Sponges.

Nope, those aren't swaps.  Those are the cards I made to send to the 6th graders.  32 of them!  Our school mascot is a colt and our colors are blue and gold.  Will the kids put 2 and 2 together?  Probably not.  They'll just think Mrs. Prout has a thing for horses.  Whatever!

I die cut all the horses last week out of Soft Suede cardstock.  I thought that was a good horse color.  I tried to keep them simple.  Lets face it, these are 12 year olds.  But man, that was alot of sponging!  Grace helped me a bunch though.

I printed out a quote from Dumbledore in one of the Harry Potter movies.  Its a very important piece of advice for these kiddos.  Some of them really have a hard time at home and school.  I just wanted them to know that I believe in them to do their best and make good choices.  So I wrote a little message on the inside and maybe....hopefully.......a few of them will take it to heart. 

Then, I was contemplating cleaning out the retiring stuff from my desk area, and came across some pics that I wanted to put in the scrapbook.  So instead of cleaning, I scrapped. 


NO STAMPS!!  Crumb cake, basic black and whisper white cardstock.  Sahara sand ink.  Spiral tab punch, dimensionals, black journaler and misc. brads. 

OMG!! Aren't they handsome?  In the top pic, my boy is on the far right.  This was taken at their last concert.  Every year they do a concert at the library at the outside ampitheater called "Music Under the Stars".  The other pic is a little last minute performance they put together for us parents.  The hubs took that pic with his phone.  Didn't turn out so good but I thought, "so what?"  Its still a memory. 

I have a secret to the new SU! catalog there is some new DSP called Newsprint and it has music on it!  Its so cool!  And I have some!  I didn't use it though.  I had a better idea. 

I copied/scanned some of the music he played at the last minute performance and put it on here.  I thought that would make this page just a little more special. 

I printed the music out and then punched it with the Spiral punch.  Then I crumpled it up and used a sponge to sponge on some Sahara Sand ink to make it look dirty and used by a teenage boy. 

I generally don't like things all paddywonked on my page.  I like things straight and in order.  I just couldn't make that work on this page.  I used the journaler to draw a border around my journaling.  I had these funky brads that I bought a million years ago and they looked great!

Then on the back of the page I glued the program to it.  Then in it goes into the daily/whatever scrapbook. 

Tomorrow, because I'm a procrastinator, I need to make the hubs a Father's Day card.  Heck, I even forgot to make and send cards for my FIL and my own dad!  See, too much other nonimportant, miscellaneous stuff taking up room in my brain.  I need a schedule!

Alrighty peeps, its after my bedtime.  Apparently, I have alot to do tomorrow. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Blessings, b.

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