Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feb. Project Life

WOW!  2 posts in the same week!  Whats the world coming too?  Don't worry, things will go back to normal soon enough....;)

So today I got February done for my Project Life and I wanted to show you before I started adding the cards from the classes. 


Either we had a little more going on for Feb. or I just saved more stuff.  I have 2 extra inserts! 

Supplies: simple alpha die, big shot and word window punch

We went to Northern Arizona University for a tour.  This is one of the colleges 17 is considering.  It was a whirlwind trip.....up and back, 36 hours.  Yep, I was tired.

Really nice school.  Good food.  Nice program for her chosen major.

I added a 6x12 insert for some extra pics.  I probably could have squeezed out a 2 page spread but it was such a quick trip I didn't take a ton of pics.  I'm loving this long insert without having to fight the sewing machine to get one. 

Here is the back side.  I added the Valentine cards the hubs and I exchanged.  You can tell which one is mine, right?

Then I also added an 8.5x11 insert.  I had a letter for Grace I wanted to include so I used this side to include some info from the tour.

This was Grace's Honor Band invite.  Had to include that!

Lots of miscellany here.  I had printed out the pic of their Valentine cans to use in the 3x4 pockets but that didn't flow like I wanted.  So instead of printing out another pic I just stapled it in.  I'll have something behind it for March so it won't be floating anymore. 

There you have it.  Yes, this took a few hours to finish but if I only spend a few hours a month to document our lives well, thats time well spent.  Just don't overthink it.  Have fun! 

Remember I said that Grace was going to miss last nights concert because of her cast?  We had told the dr. that she played flute and he tried to make the cast usuable so she could still play.  She had tried when we got home that day way, couldn't do it. 

Of course she kept trying and she managed it.  She was so excited for the concert last night and her teacher is so awesome she let Grace play.  Gotta love people who love their jobs.  Especially if their job involves kids. 

She couldn't hold it out straight like she usually does but hey, whatever works!  I'm so glad she has found something that she loves. 

Alrighty then, thats if for today.  You probably need to recuperate from the shock of 2 posts in 2 days anyway. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I love it when you do that.

Blessings, b.

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Linda said...

Your Year In The Life Album looks totally awesome! I actually bought a bunch of inserts similar to those at a store called Archivers (don't think they have any out west), so may have to try using them (what a concept!).