Saturday, June 2, 2012

no longer MIA

Hey there!  So so so sorry about the absence.  I didn't mean it to happen.  Things just got away from me.  Story of my life.

So, lots has happened since we last chatted. 

Among other things, we celebrated Mother's Day.  We had a DARE shindig at the mini golf joint.  We had a special Honor Band concert.  Celebrated the fact that The Boy finished his first year of college.  5th grade night at the middle school.  We had 3 different award ceremonies and then we had................................................. GRADUATION! 

Not just 1 but 2.  Oy!

So proud of my girl!  She has been going nonstop ever since graduation.  Party party party.  I've seen her for about 30 min in the last 72 hours. 

Her graduation has hit me harder than The Boy's did.  I think its because she is leaving to go to college.  My heart cries just thinking about her leaving.

Then this one is all done with elementary school.  Geez!  I can hardly believe it.  They really get to whoop it up in 5th grade.  This years grad party was "Glowing into 6th grade".  Everything was neon.  They don't do a ceremony, just a know, the important part. 

Its been a time of reflection for me.  It was the last time I'll be at that high school.  The last time at the elementary school.  Last time in the car loop.  Last time walking her to her line.  Last time I'll be in these bleachers.  Last time I'll be on this campus.  I've shed alot of tears this last week remembering.  Trying to soak it all in so I don't forget it.  Another reason to really love doing Project Life.  I will have a record of some things. 

Alrighty then.  Things here are slowing down......I think.  I still have 2 more weeks of work before my summer starts.  And then we'll be off and running again. 

I have some goodies to show you.  I'll be popping back on here in a day or so.  Thanks so much for stopping by and hanging out. 

Blessings, b.

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