Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here is a pic of the card we'll be making at our monthly meeting. Cute huh? I guess I should have taken a pic of it opened too. Wait let me do that.......................................................................

quick ain't I?

This idea started roaming around last week, or maybe the week before last, anyway I have no idea who would get credit for starting this idea, but I thank them deeply. I would actually put 3 brads in the middle of each flower but I didn't have enough to go around for everyone to do that. Gotta make it fair ya know. They can put whatever they want on the little tag. I wish I had a Happy Mother's Day stamp.

I've been helping with state testing at work. I have a new teacher I'm working with this year. I didn't realize what a testing Nazi I am. Is it just me or does it not make sense for students to stay in their seat when they're done and not disturb everyone else? I won't go into other details. I'm all about positivity around here. Is that a word? sounds good doesn't it?

I'm having a Paper Bag Scrapbook class in a few weeks and I may unleash this blog to my unsupecting customers so they can follow what I'm doing with it. I guess I better get better at posting to it huh? And maybe even tell them the class is happening. Yeah, thats an idea.......

I'm still trying to get all the Display samples done. I've only gotten 1/4 of them finished. Crunch time is coming!!!

Have a happy day!

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