Friday, February 26, 2010

sad news

Sorry again for being absent lately.

 It's been very sad around here because we had to put down one of our kittys.   It all happened so fast, we think he got into some kind of poison.  He was one of those cats that you couldn't keep inside for very long no matter what we tried.  He was very friendly and the whole neighborhood knew him. 

So anyway I've taken a few days off from stamping but I'm getting back to it this weekend. I'll have more new goodies to show you soon. 

Thanks for understanding, b.

We love you Jack Jack.

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Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Oh my sorry for your loss! Fur people have a way of digging their claws into our hearts as well as our clothing, furniture, etc. Though your heart may be aching I'm sure you are also remembering the love and the happy times. I hope those memories will be of some comfort going forward.

Blessings and prayers - Jean