Wednesday, August 3, 2011

garden update

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone is staying cool and has plenty of water to drink.  It hit 104 at one point today.  Its hot!  Its not as humid though, so thats good. 

I finished the Week in the Life project.  Yesterday was my last day and I didn't take one single picture.  Can you believe it?  I was rushing to get ready for bible study and didn't remember about the camera until after everyone was gone.  By then it was almost dinner time and I decided it would just be a journaling day instead. 

I have it all together but need to put the finishing touches on it and get it into a binder.  I'll take better pics then and show you. 

For now though, I know you're just waiting for a garden update.  Right? 

Just humor me okay?

This is the Sweet 100 plant.  I planted it as a starter and its got ton of tomatoes on it.  I can't wait. 

This is the rest of that planter.  I also have the Celebrity tomato with a few on it.  I was so excited for my yellow bell pepper plant.  It has 4 babies on it but something happened to it.  I went out to water it yesterday morning and it looked dead.  It looked a little perkier this morning but in the heat today it looks dead again tonight.  I wonder if something is eating its roots. 

You can see on the end my hillbilly set up for the green beans.  I did the same thing last year and it worked fine.  Next year though I might plant them differently.  Can you see the sunflowers in the back?  They are very happy.

This box has the zucchini and yellow squash in it.  Of course there are sunflowers too.  This entire box was planted with seeds.  Everything in here looks good.  Every plant has lots of buds on it. 

This box has the pumpkin and cucumbers.  For some reason the sunflowers aren't doing well in here at all.  The pumpkin is doing great though.  I've never had any luck growing cucumbers.  So I planted alot of seeds this year.  I think all the seeds came up but only half are really doing well.  I've seen where people train them to grow up a trellis so I'm going to try it.  I would love to have some cucumbers actually grow this year. 

We had our first pumpkin flower bloom today.  Its a male one, which I expected.  There must be 12 more buds ready to bloom so hopefully we'll have a pumpkin soon.  We are pretty excited for this.

This box doesn't look very exciting huh?  This box was all seeds except for the peppers.  I've got a Poblano and Anaheim in here.  They both have blooms on them.  I also planted onions.  Most of them are doing well.  AND I planted carrots.  2 different kinds. 

Last year I couldn't grow carrots either but this year I've quite a few coming up.  We planted ALOT.  So we'll see. 

The sunflowers in this box are trying to live.  But something is eating them down to the nubbins.  I saw and killed a wormy looking thing this morning.  I should have taken a pic so I could look on the internet to identify it.  But I only saw the one.  I have seen a few grasshoppers when Lola is crunching them.  I've never seen any on the plants.  So I don't know what to do. 

So there ya go.  Hopefully I'll have a bunch of baby veggies to show you next time. 

Now yesterday while I was working on the Week in the Life project, Grace was making a new sign for her door.  Its the summertime thing to do around here.

Very colorful.  Again we cannot yell or fart or burp in her room.  That really must be a problem.  I'll have to pay more attention tonight when I go in there.  She will outfit you with a stuffed animal to play with and you have to stay for at least 5 minutes. 

Gotta love that girl. 

Alrighty then.  We got 17 registered for school today.  So hot!  We are going back to the DMV tomorrow to change the title on The Boy's car.  We went down there on Monday to get it put in his name and then found out that even though he is on my insurance, I can't insure his car.  He has to get his own policy.  Lets just say, its not very financially smart for an 18 year old to get his own insurance policy.  So we are going back tomorrow to have my name added to the title.  What a pain! 

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Stampy goodness is coming your way.  Stay tuned. 

Blessings, b.

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