Friday, August 5, 2011

happy birthday dad!

Howdy!  I hope everyone had a great day.  I mean, its Friday after all. 

A few weeks ago when we were in New Mexico, we celebrated my dad's 71st birthday. 

Of course I was super busy getting everything ready to go before we left our house and forgot about making him a birthday card............until the last minute.  Of course :)

I also had to make a Thank You card for one of our friends that was going to drive The Boy to the airport to get to N.M. later in the week.

Well, after putzing around for too long, I realized that I only have maybe 2 sets that are somewhat manly.  And my dad has seen them all. 

What to do, what to do.............. 

I know!  I'll pull out the grass.  I like grass.

Woodgrain background, Inspired by Nature, Thank You Kindly, some old alpha I had.  Soft suede, early espresso and naturals white cardstock.  Soft suede and old olive inks.  1", 1 1/4" and 1 3/8" circle punches, linen thread and dimensionals. 

I think they worked out great!  My dad liked them.  He asked where I buy my cards.  "Oh, there's this little place I know."  He doesn't really understand how involved I am in stamping. 

The thank you I made into a gift card holder.  I keep thinking I should have made something peek out of the grass.  Or maybe just clouds.  I need to make another one for my neighbor that watched our zoo and watered the garden.  Maybe I'll get extra creative with his. 

Okay, while I've got you here, I need to ask a favor.  I'm sure my neighbors, if they happen to look out the window, get a kick out of watching me "pet" my plants every morning looking for bugs. I need to get a life. 

I need to identify some bugs.  I know, just what you wanted to hear right?  I tried looking on the internet to figure out what they are but just got grossed out.

So maybe you can help me.  I have so many crows in my yard that I think are trying to eat the bugs.  That may be why I haven't seen many grasshoppers.  As much as I dislike the crows, I guess they can hang out.

These guys especially like the sunflowers

I only have 2 tomatoes the size of grapes on my Celebrity plant and this guy was halfway inside one! 

This guy I found almost dead in my onions.

Okay, this is not bug related.  This tree hangs over my fence and drops these cherry looking things every summer. 

They are the size of cherries. 

They don't have a pit, but they do have seeds.  They are hard when they fall and are crunchy.  They have a kind of bitter taste.  Are they crab apples? 

Alrighty then, thats all for tonight.  Aren't you glad?  I promise no more garden/bug/plant stuff, for a while anyway. 

I have more stampy stuff to show you later.  Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for your bug/plant/garden knowledge.  Big cyber hugs to all of you. 

Blessings, b.

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