Thursday, August 18, 2011

hi ho, hi ho

its back to work I go...........

Yesterday was my first day back.  Actually I went to work on Monday for some meetings but only for a few hours. 

My school looks very different.  They changed it into a charter school.  And I have to say, it was a pretty cool first day of school.  These kids get 6 week rotations in art, music, dance, drama and technology.  The 6th and 7th graders get ipads to use.  How cool?  Way cool!

My girls started school last week. 

 Perfunctuary first day of school pic.  Check this out:

She drove herself to school.  What a strange feeling for me.  For her too probably, although she would never admit that.  My big senior girl.......................

Next up........5th grader.  Big girl on campus this year.  I also got the regular picture of her crying in line when I left.  Will she ever stop that?  This girl is never very far from me.  That umbilical cord just keeps on stretching. 

Alrighty then, are you ready for some stampiness? 

I have another losing Artisan Award project to show you. 

Growing green and A Word for You sets.  Early espresso, crumb cake and watercolor paper.  Black Stazon,  old olive and crumb cake inks.  Newsprint DSP, spiral tab punch, round tab punch, neutrals button, hemp, staple and aquapainter.

What do you think?

I struggled with this card.  I knew I wanted to submit a card with watercoloring.  They want you to submit a variety of techniqes and styles.  I was trying to make it look like it was a sketch book or something. 

Looking at all my projects I can understand why I wasn't a winner.  They just aren't up to snuff.  Its because I wait until the last minute and then have to rush.  For some people that works but not for me.  I usually can get something together but then I have to sit on it for a few days and tweak it some. 

So will I plan ahead and start in Jan. next time?  Probably not.  But you never know.

Okie dokie.  You may not hear from me until Sunday.  We are having a yard sale on Saturday.  I hate having yard sales.  Like going to them, hate having them.  I'm hoping to sell a bunch of stamping stuff.  I've got so much DSP, die cut boxes, ribbon, etc to send to new homes.  Come on by if you're in the area. 

Blessings, b.

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