Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Pop!

Today is my father-in-law's birthday.  He is 86 years young.  I know, he is only 4 years younger than my Grandma.  My husband was a later in life "surprise baby". 

Here is my most recent pic of him, opening his Snuggie at Christmas. Doesn't everyone need a Snuggie?

I love my father-in-law.  He is the epitomy of a "grouchy old man" "crumudgeon" "grumpy old fart".  But I say all this with love.  Underneath that crusty layer he is so loving.  He has no problem telling you he loves you and is proud of you..........after he just got done yelling at you to, "GET TO THE TABLE!" 

He is a Christian man and made peace with God many years ago.  He loves to talk about the Word, although you better not disagree with him on anything.  

So I made him a card. 

Angler (retired), Lovely as a Tree, Woodgrain background and Vintage Labels (Occasions mini).  Kraft, soft suede, very vanilla and basic black cardstock.  Soft suede and basic black inks.  Lrg. oval punch, hemp, cutter kit, brads and dimensionals. 

I used a really old fishing set.  He used to love to fish.  He taught my husband when he was just a baby.  In fact he still holds the family record for the largest brown trout caught to date. 

Now my hubby looked at this and said, "So you're making him a card about something he can't do anymore?"

Whatever!!  I figure he'll still like it. 

I used the Soft Suede to make a sepia tone on tone color.  I know, its alot of brown.  BUT he really likes brown.  I have a story about brown I could share about him............but I won't.  He might not like it.  Hold on while I giggle here a minute..................

I stamped off the fly 3 times before I stamped the tag.  Just so it would look very subtle.  I think he'll like it.

Happy Birthday Pop!  We love you!

Okay peeps, I'm still trying to get things in order here.  If only I had another week off...................yeah, right.

There were some exciting Stampin' Up! announcements last week while I was gone.  So I'll update you on that tomorrow.  Plus I wanted to share a few insights I gained while away last week. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Blessings, b.

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