Monday, April 19, 2010

veggies for everyone!

Howdy peeps!

Sorry the blog has been a cold and lonely place the last few days.  Being gone all the week before last and then trying to jump right into life again with no down time didn't work too well for me. 

So this past weekend was spent hanging with the family (even the hubs was home!) and getting things done and having fun together.

Nothing like an unposed pic to realize that I really do need to go on a diet and get healthy.


We finally got the vegetable boxes up and filled and ready for veggies!  Nobody in my family sees how much fun this is going to be!  I can't wait to say, " go outside and get me a tomato, will ya?" 

These 3 boxes are temporary.  Once Grace outgrows the playset, then I'll be able to devote more room to a bigger vegetable patch. 

My question to everyone is:  how do I keep the cat out? 

I have lots more to share with you guys.  The changes coming up for SU! and insights about my trip. I'm getting back in the groove of things here. 

Thanks for stopping by and being patient with me. 

Blessings, b.

p.s.  guess what one of the things are that we'll be planting?

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