Thursday, July 28, 2011

week in the life project

Hey there!  I just wanted to post my Week in the Life project real quick tonight to show you what I'm talking about and how I'm doing it this time around.  And hopefully to inspire you to do your own.  Look here on Ali's website to help you out

Warning:  its way past my bedtime and these pics are not the greatest.  I will be taking better pics when I'm done and we can go through it more together. 

I'm experimenting with some homemade 1/2 page page protectors.  I cut a piece of cardstock in half and then used the sewing machine ( thats a whole other story there) to stitch it.  Then cut off the excess.  My sewing machine didn't really like the plastic. 

I made a cover page.  I opened a word document and typed out the title and dates. 

On the back of the title page I wrote a little about each of us and what we are about right now. 

The next page starts the daily journaling.  I just used a 1/2 sheet of notebook paper.  I like lines.  Now some of you may be put off by writing alot.  Really, you can make this as detailed or not as you want.  If you don't like to journal a bunch, then don't.  No one will tell on you, promise.

The picture pages are just some baseball card page protectors.  Just print your pictures wallet size.  Made things really easy and quick. 

I didn't take enough pics to fill all the slots.  I kinda forgot about it during the day.  So to fill up the empty ones I just put some DSP in there.  Right now I've left them blank but I'll probably stamp something on them later. 

Okay there ya go.  I took longer making the cover page than I did the pictures.  Do your journaling during the day so you dont' forget.  Then its super easy to put it in the protector, print out your pics and you're done!  Easy way to document some memories.  I'll be doing the same sort of thing for the trip we just took to New Mexico. 

Alrighty then, time this ol' broad got in bed.   Thank so much for stopping by.

Blessings, b.

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Connie Hobbs said...

Hi, just a hint on sewing on the plastic: put a thin sheet of paper on the bottom and top and stitch through all the layer. Then carefully rip off the paper when you are done. The machine's feed dogs don't like plastic, but they'll do better with the paper to fool them.