Friday, July 10, 2009

memory lane

I have been cleaning out my stamping stuff in the garage. We put our trailer back in there and so my stuff had to be moved out and then I could move it back in. Well, my husband decides that since he has to move stuff around he might as well clean some of it out and have a garage sale. I HATE HAVING GARAGE SALES!!! I love going to them but I hate having them.

Since I'm off for the summer I decided that now would be a good time to go through all my stuff and condense and maybe sell a few things. I need money to buy new stuff :)

Good God Almighty!!! I have enough stuff to "alter" and make look pretty that I should have a badge or banner or super star or something for recycling!

I also had a good 7-8 years worth of samples to go through. I know I haven't kept every single one but it sure felt like it. I ended up throwing away 5 paper grocery sacks of card fronts and projects. I gotta say though, I have made some pretty cool stuff in the past. AND, some pretty yucky stuff.

In the beginning my friend (who actually paid for my starter kit and whose fault it is I found this wonderful hobby in the first place) and I would make tons of samples. Oh my gosh! You wouldn't believe the things we made. I'll spare you.

Anyhow, walk with me a little as we go down memory lane.

This is the card that started it all. I went to a friends house for a SU! party and this is the card we made.

this is the very first year I sent out handmade Christmas cards. I was so sick of Frosty at the time. Kinda miss him now.

Watch out! This one had layers. this was the card I sent out the following year.
Remember back in the day when we could get an extra FREE stamp set when you had a $400 party? This was one of those sets. I still have it.

Here is the following year. More layers and now brads are added! Check me out!

I found this idea on Julie Ebersole's site,
this was one of those easy ones that I sent out when I ran out of the other. I need to find a pic of the other one. It had a tree with Liquid Applique snow on it.

this is the postcard I made when we moved. I can't believe I colored all those houses! I used the watercolor pencils and a blender pen. At the time I though they were so cute but now.......?

the other side.

Thats it for now folks. I'm glad I've progressed in my stamping style. Its kinda like looking at old pics when I had "wings" and then later, bad perms.
I gotta get more cleaning done for the big garage sale tomorrow. If it sounds like fun you can always come over and help ;)

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