Friday, October 8, 2010

out of my element

Hey stampers!  Our beautiful fall weather has come to an end.  Mid 90's again.  Oh well. 

Family has kept me very busy the last few days.  Grace and I went to a store yesterday.  Its called Justice.  Its a clothing store for tweens.  I'd never heard of it.  Its in the mall.  I don't do the mall.  I take that back.......I do Build A Bear and Bath and Body.  Thats it.  I also hate shopping.  Am I normal? 

Our Brownie troop did very well on our cookie sales last year.  Part of the cookie money goes back to the troop.  Our troop kinda fell apart over the summer.  So instead of using the money for dues or field trips or whatever, our main Leader bought all the girls Justice gift cards.  $75 worth!   Target would have made me much happier. 

Anyway, Grace wanted to go and spend her money.  As soon as I walk in, I realize I'm totally out of my element.  The music is pumping, glittery, sparkly clothes are everywhere.  Cute skinny sales girls are there to help you.  A size 10 sweater, $40.  Are you kidding me?  Everyone needs some glittery boots don't they?  $40.  Black leather jacket, $60.  Heaven help me..........

I'm afraid I've ruined my child for any fashion sense either.  She couldn't find anything she liked.  She is not into glittery clothes.  We settled on 2 pairs of jeans, (on sale for $25 each) and a pair of pajamas.  The child is a freak for new jammies. 

As we were leaving the store I asked her if she liked that store and would she want to go back.  She said no.  She likes Target better.  

In my secret heart, I smiled.   But the poor thing will have to learn some fashion sense somewhere.  In the meantime she is anxiously waiting for pajama day at school in 2 weeks.  She's going to rock it!

I'll have card #5 from last week for you tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

Blessings, b.

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Ms said...

great story... and good for her not being into all that 'stuff'.... and I'm a Target girl