Tuesday, September 15, 2009

you knew this was coming.................

didn't you?

Marching season is upon us. This is a pic of my beautiful boy at last years championships. We came in 1st place for our division!!!

he is so tired here

Here he is marching at Disneyland last December. He is the snare drummer on the end here.
My little drummer boy.

Okay, I show you those so you can understand our weekend. And also to understand why no stamping got done this past week.
My husband has been organizing a golf tournament for my son's high school marching band for the past 2 1/2 months.

Nope, thats not much time to get something really big together and boy did we feel it. Because California's state budget is what it is, the marching band no longer gets any state money. If you want to march and compete then by golly, you'd better raise some money. It costs alot of moola to compete.

So after asking countless companies to sponsor a hole or donate product we finally had the tournament this last Saturday.

The weather was glorious! It stayed under 100. Actually I think it was in the low 90's. We raised over $2200 for the band! We were wishing it was more but I'm so proud of my husband for pulling this off almost single handedly. He really worked hard.

Here are the little goodie bags we gave to each golfer. I had to make 64 of them.

They got filled with a water bottle, lifesavers, tees, various coupons and a ball marker.
Of course I had to try and make them cute. I know, men could care less what the bag looks like. They just want to know whats in it. Now, there was only 1 woman golfer there but I know she appreciated the decorated bag. I just know it.
I bought xs basket bags and stamped them with an old golf ball stamp I had with black stazon. Then I printed the band logo out and punched it with the 1 1/4 circle and then punched a 1 3/8 circle out of real red.

Then tied up those cute bags with red curling ribbon. I just couldn't justify using grosgrain knowing those men would just toss it.
Now I did stamp 2 gift bags. Fred had 2 combo prizes (shirt, balls, hat, towel) and needed bigger bags. I took white handled bags and stamped them with the grass from Inspired by Nature on both sides. Then I printed out the logo again only bigger and Fred sketched a tee in the grass and put the logo on the tee like a golf ball. Sounds cute right? Yeah, not so much. I wouldn't even take a pic of them because they didn't look so wonderful. I did use some real red wide grosgrain on the handles of those. That did help somewhat.
So I know you're just waiting on the edge of you seat for pics from the tournament. Well, I had planned on being there for the BBQ lunch they were going to have, cause you know me, I never miss a meal. Especially if I didn't have to cook it. But God laughed, HA HA HA!!!!! He gave me a migraine so I wasn't able to go at all.
And, I called Fred a few times and said, "take pictures" but did he? NO!! So I didn't get to see anything!
I'll leave you with this thought because I know you're tired of listening to me, but I found this funny. A pic would have been worth a thousand words here.
The son of one of our really good friends was golfing a few groups behind Fred and lets just say he was "over served" if you know what I mean. So was the friend, that was driving the cart with the son. Apparently they drove off the side of a bridge (low bridge) and crashed the cart! Are you kidding me? So the golf course manager comes up to Fred and he's like "dude, one of your players crashed the cart. We had to tow it in"
The boys ( I say "boys" but they are 25-27 years old) did fess up to the crime and will take care of the damages. BUT, the son of our good friend, actually went to urgent care because he thought he broke a rib falling out of the cart! He only bruised them, but he will be out of work for 2 weeks.
Um.......did we learn anything here? Drinking and driving (even a golf cart) really isn't a good idea.
Okay, enough for today. I will have some stamping to show you tomorrow. Promise :)

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