Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

20 years ago right this minute, I was partying.

20 years ago right this minute, I was so glad it was over.

20 years ago right this minute, I was beginning a new life with this man.

October 14, 1989 at 2:00 in the afternoon, we got married at the Lakewood Community Church.

We planned it all ourselves. With the help of his mom and my aunt. I look back now and think that we must have been crazy. We had no money. We had set the wedding date and then had put it off because we were buying a house and it was going to close at the same time.

But as luck would have it the closing date had been put off because that is how construction is and so we decided to go ahead with our original date. We planned our entire wedding in 3 months time.

It was a great wedding. We had a really good time. I wore my mother's wedding dress. Although we had to have it let out ALOT. My mom was a size 9 when she got married............I was not.

My color was peach. So 80's. I hate peach now. The cake was actually orange. And it came to the reception after we did.

The minister had a speech impediment so his voice would fluctuate during the ceremony. My maid of honor was laughing (silently) so hard that she lost some flowers out of her bouquet because she was shaking it when she laughed. The video is a real hoot.

Our guests had so much fun at the reception that everyone kicked in money to keep the dj longer.

We had a great time.

classic numbers. kraft, blush blossom, choc. chip and whisper white cardstock. 1 1/4" and 1 3/8" circle punches, scallop edge punch, white organdy ribbon and dimensionals.

Our whole married life has been something like our wedding. Things haven't turned out quite like we planned/thought, but we've had a great time. Most of it anyway. Some years have been better than others. I mean if they were all good, how boring would that be. Yep , thats me being sarcastic.
This flap folds down and I wrote 20 reasons why I love him. I guess I didn't get a pic of the inside. But you didn't want to read that stuff anyway.

I filled up his "Can O' Love" and put that and the card in his truck so he would have it this morning. He loves his chocolate. He ate almost all of it by lunch time and then got sick. Thats my guy.

He loves candy. Me? not so much. I'm a salty/crunchy kinda girl. I started the "Can O' Love" several years ago and it gets filled each time we have a special holiday/occasion.

He had wanted to make some big vacation plans to celebrate, but some family obligations are more important right now. Thats okay. We have time.

I did get flowers though. Pretty!

So here we are then, 20 years ago. Such babies!

and here we are now. Actually this pic was taken last year. Although we look pretty much the same the kids have changed slightly. Funny, I did look for a pic of us together. We don't have any. Just a family pic I try to take every year. I guess I better work on that.

So there ya go. Thanks for tolerating my little trip down memory lane. I could keep going on and on but I know you got other things to do.
Thanks for stopping by.
Blessings, b.

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jaydee said...

Hey Beth. Happy Belated 20th and thank you so much for sharing your recollections with us on your blog. I really enjoyed reading it! Isn't it amazing how life can change in 20 years... we learn so much - and yet still have so much to learn! Here's to reading your blog after the next 20th anniversary.. or whatever communications method we are using then :-)