Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1/2 of 90

Good morning!  Sorry for the absence.  I'd like to say things are getting back to normal but, just not happening yet.

I thought I'd share a little of what I was doing last week.  I got no stamping done at all!  I sit at my desk everyday and get a little something done.  Even if its just planning something.  BUT, last week my desk was being used by the boy.  He had a project to do that included commandeering my desk.  He made a model of a recording studio.  It really turned out so cool!  Did I get any pics?  Nope.  Hopefully he'll bring it home and I can take some then. 

Anyway, my whole routine got messed up and I like routine!  Debilitatingly so.  

So I decided to start working on my taxes, (now that I think about it, taking away my desk was probably God's way of saying, "Get it together girl!")  I'm ready to get them done today.  California is so whacked out with the state budget that nobody seems to be getting state taxes back.  People that don't normally owe are owing.  Kinda scared to hear what they say today. 

I also had a birthday last week.  45 years old.  Here is the love note my hubby left me to find in the morning

Isn't he sweet?  Oh wait, it gets better, look at this one

This is from the boy. 

aren't they precious?  The men in my life think they are so funny.

This one is from Grace.  I wonder what she was thinking of when she made this.

She was obviously off her game when she made this.  Low blood sugar maybe?  Check out the inside

Whats for dinner?!   Yep, I'm feeling the love.

Then, just when I'm losing hope, 15 whips this little baby out

they sure want to make sure I know my age don't they?

AWWW!   And my heart swells with love and pride. 

I can't/won't share the card the hubs gave me.  Gotta keep the mystery alive you know!

Anyway, it was a wonderful day.  We had Grace's Open House that night and I got my favorite Mexican food for dinner (Grace was happy) and I got a new SMOKER!   My old one is rusting and falling apart.  So it was a good day for someone who is 1/2 of 90. 

We, (okay, I) have become a little bit obsessed with this website:

This is Molly the Barn Owl.  She has 4 babies and 1 egg.  That egg should hatch today or tomorrow.  Its a live feed camera in San Marcos.  I've gotten to actually see the last baby hatching!  So cool! 

There are other live feed cams on the website.  The eagles on Catalina are really cool too.  They have 2 babies just hatched a few days ago. 

Be sure and check out Molly after 6:30 at night.  You're almost certain to see the daddy bring her and the babies food.  He is so considerate because he takes the heads off the rabbits. She loves rabbits!  Nature Reality T.V.!  Thanks to my friend Libby for sending me the link to this website.  It furthered my ability to get nothing done this past week.

On Saturday, Grace went to a birthday party at an ice skating rink.  I helped out the birthday girl's mom by driving some of the girls. Since I was going, 15 decided to go with me so we could both go skating too. 

I loved ice skating as a girl and was good enough to skate backwards and not fall down.  That was a big deal for me.  I'm not all that coordinated.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "um.....Beth, that was a long time and alot of pounds ago." 

Boy, do you got that right!  I did really well for awhile.  Then I had to stop so I wouldn't run over a little girl who fell, and when I tried to go again I fell right on my knee.  Yeah, not so good.  I'm surprised I didn't crack the ice.

Robin did really well.  She never fell.  She was so nice to help out some of the girls who were having a hard time of it while I sat down nursing my poor knee.  Its all good now though.  I'm getting around just fine. 

Lastly, I'm getting ready to go to

Iowa.  My father wants to go visit my grandmother for her birthday, which is the 8th.  So I'm leaving on Easter. 

I'm not too hip on leaving my family on Easter.  I'm not too hip on flying either.  I used to love to fly.  But in my old age I've become slightly claustrophobic.  I have to take 2 planes to Albuquerque, pick up my dad and then 2 more planes to Iowa. UGH!!  So if you have any ideas on how I can cope with being cooped up for several hours then please let me know.  I'm not afraid of crashing or anything.  I'm afraid we'll be stuck on the tarmac for hours or something.  I couldn't handle it!!!

Okie dokie, thats it for right now.  I've been going back and forth on whether I should enter the Artisan Award contest for Stampin' Up!  Its a pretty big deal.  I entered last year but my entries got there a day late.  So I wasn't even considered.  I really loved everything I sent in last year. If I decide to send anything this year I need to have them done before I leave for Iowa. 

I have a few ideas for what to send in and a few things are in stages of being done.  But nothing is done.  So I think I'll work on things for it and if I get everything done I'll send it in.  But I'm going to try not to stress about it.  If its meant to be, it'll be. 

I'm going to try and get a creative little something up here for you all today.  You've all been so patient and I appreciate it. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Blessings, b.

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