Thursday, March 18, 2010

what happened?

I'm sorry!  It would be just my luck.

I am so excited that I've finally gotten some of my friends to subscribe to the blog.  Hi guys!

So yesterday I was cleaning up and changing a few things on the ol' blog here, you know, making it all pretty-like, and the subscriber feed sends out a post from January this morning!  What the heck!!  Did I do something wrong?  I'm not sure if you people who are on the reader feeds got the same thing or not.  I hope not.  How embarrassing! I'm really sorry it did that.  Hopefully it got whatever it was out of its system and will get back to normal tomorrow.  Otherwise I guess Blogger and I will be having a little chit chat.  :(

Okay, on to some stamping.  Sunday is the first day of Spring. So I thought I would share a springtime flowery card. 

Inspired by Nature set.  Old olive, basic black and whisper white cardstock.  Old olive, more mustard, close to cocoa and basic black markers.  Dimensionals.

I pulled out the grass.

Sidenote:  I got this set 2 years ago at convention.  Love convention!  My buddy that went with me didn't like the set so much, so of course I kept teasing her, "Hey man! You got any grass?"  Hahaha, I just crack myself up. 

Anyhow, I think this is such a springy set.  I used my markers to ink up the stamp and then "huffed" on it, to remoisten it, and stamped.  I actually copied this from a card I saw a long time ago.  I never knew who the artist was. 

I really like this saying too.  That Mother Teresa was one smart cookie.  I think this would make a great Thank You card. 

Can you belive Easter is in a few weeks?  Geez, its almost April already! I'm still trying to get used to the time change.  Seems as soon as dinner is over, its time for bed.  Or is that just because I'm getting older?  I have a birthday coming up and its weighing on me a little.  Maybe we'll talk more about that later.  Pyschoanalysis is too heavy right before bedtime. 

Alrighty, cross your fingers and say a little prayer that the subscriber thingy fixes itself.  Otherwise who knows what will be in our inboxes tomorrow. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Blessings, b.

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