Thursday, May 6, 2010

Country Living Inspiration

Hey everybody!

I love Country Living Magazine.  Some of the ideas are so outrageously pricey, but I always think, "How could I do that cheaper?" 

This is a flaw both the hubby and I have.  We always think we can do it just as good ourselves for cheaper.  Thats also why nothing is completed around here.  BUT, I will say, the things he does get done himself is always nicer than we could have hired out for.  Not always cheaper, but nicer. 

So I was perusing the May issue of CL (for some reason I always read magazines from the back to the front.  I don't know why) and I saw this picture on the back cover:

An ad for avocados.  I looked at the petals and thought, "hey, I can do that!"

So I sat down tonight to do that.  Here is the end result after a few tries.

Yikes! No stamps!  Melon mambo, old olive, delightful daffodil, whisper white and kraft.  White craft ink.  Large oval punch, 3/4" circle punch, small oval punch, wide oval punch, polka dot embossing folder (wart maker), 5/8" brads and dimensionals. 

My original plan came out too big for a regular sized card.  This is a regular sized card.  I have a thing about making cards that will fit in normal sized envelopes.  I don't like paying for extra postage.  Cheap, cheap, cheap..........

Here is how I made the petals.

Punch out a 3/4" circle

Then taking the large oval punch, punch this out

This is what you end up with.  I punched out 7 of these.  Then I punched out another 3/4" circle and glued everything together.  Like this

Can you see it? 

I punched out another 3/4" circle of Delightful Daffodil and then put my 5/8" brad through it all. 

I then took the Wide oval punch and punched out a stem.  Then I punched out a old olive leaf with the small oval punch.  I used the Tombow Multi glue to tack everything down.  I love that stuff!  It smells good too.  Not that I'm sniffing it or anything......

I started out making the one on the left.  I used the wide oval punch and the large oval punch.    Then for the one on the right, I used the 1" circle punch and the large oval punch.    Both flowers were too large for a regular sized card.  So I may use them on a scrap page or something. 

Anyhow, this was an easy peasy card and could be completed in less than 10 minutes.  So try it.  It would make a cute Mother's Day card don't you think? 

Alrighty, I've got to help finish getting things ready for the band golf tournament tomorrow.  Its going to be perfect weather for it.  I hope everyone has a great time and the band makes lots of money. 

Oh yeah, one more thing

Did you know they changed the penny?  I had no idea!  This one is so nice and shiny, I'm keeping it. 

Thanks for stopping by and keeping me company.

Blessings, b.


lacie said...

luv luv luv it!

Ann said...

wonderful job!! thanks for a great photo tutorial and showing the different sizes you made!

valita said...

a great idea thanks for sharing! Valita

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great idea. You are soooo kind to share this with us.
Carolyn W

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one to read a magazine from the back to the front. I still don't know why I do but it is nice to know I have company! Wow, wow, wow!!! I can't believe you saw what you did in that photo. I can see it now but I would have never seen it on my own. Thanks for sharing.
Karen C.