Friday, August 14, 2009

snowballs in August?

Know how when you start one project and it snowballs into 1000? I'm living it right now. See this?

Pretty huh? Its a very medium neutral color. This pic almost makes it look gray but its just a nice medium tan color. Very clean and smells good too. When you have a husband in construction all kinds of things come home. One of the homeowners had a manufacture defect in their carpet and so they came out and replaced it........with more new carpet with a manufacture defect. So they replaced it again and everything was right in their world.
Well, you can't throw away perfectly defective carpet can you? So it came to my house. It was installed downstairs this past weekend. I can't see any defect, so if you do, don't point it out to me. There are seams in a few places I wish there weren't but hey, its so much better than what was in here. I was going to take a "before" pic but decided I didn't need to document something I would rather forget. We did buy new foam padding and now it feels like you could run a marathon in here.
So we had to pack up the back room down here. The back room is where my stamping stuff is. You have no idea how much stuff you have until you have to move it. I have stuff outside....................

here is part of my desk. The other part is in the garage right now.

more stuff packed upstairs. My whole bedroom is full of books and movies and you name it. Because if you're going to be moving stuff out then you might as well move other things. We decided to switch the computer with the t.v. That means we have wires to move and of course the armoir that the computer is in won't fit where the t.v. was, so new shelving will have to be built. AND if you're moving everything else, you might as well paint!

I like the color but now I see it is the same color as the wood in the fence, and the dog. And very similar to the color of the wooden wall unit that the t.v. is goin on. BUT I am forging ahead and will change it later if I get a wild hair up my butt again. My desk has a nice cherry finish to it so I think that will look lovely.
So there has been no stamping happening here. This is my box of goodies I got last week. They haven't even seen ink yet! (Notice the new baseboard too) Hopefully tonight my desk will get put back in and I can get creative again.
Also, I had put on my website that I was having a workshop here next weekend, the 23rd. Yeah, that won't be happening now. I'm back to work next week and I won't have time to get enough stamping done for it. I'll let you know when I reschedule.
Have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully I'll have some new stamping to show you.

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