Thursday, August 13, 2009

I tried.........

to upload more pics of the display boards but I couldn't get them to resize bigger. And quite frankly trying to look at the images on the other pics was ticking me off! I couldn't see any detail and they were kinda fuzzy, and anyway, I figure if you really wanted to see all the boards you could go over to or and check them out. I don't think they are just on the demo side. I'm pretty sure you should be able to see them if you are so inclined. Or, you could just sign up to be a demo and go with me next year. I'd really like to go next year. Wanna go?

Other more important news in my little world..................first day of school.

The day went like I thought. The boy changed his schedule (his counselor loves him), 15 said, "its school, mom" and rolls her eyes. Here they are driving away, going off to school without any help from me, becoming more and more independent every second. I know, I know, thats my job right? I still feel a little sad though, my babies are growing up.

I did try to take "first day of school" pics but they turned out horrible. Fuzzy pics are my specialty lately.

Then there is my baby. She will be 9 in 16 days. I told her I wouldn't post her pic here because she was a little upset while I took it, (of course that one came out clear). So just imagine a sweet little blondie in pigtails crying and trying not to let anyone see. Breaks your heart doesn't it?

The day went fine. She said her teacher was nice and she met a girl who is new to their school and she was very nice too and she invited her over to our house to play. AND, no homework until next week. YIPPY!!

This morning was even better. No tears at all!

Enjoy your day. I'm painting and cleaning and unpacking. But thats a whole other story.....................

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