Saturday, November 21, 2009


good morning everyone. I actually stayed in bed for almost 10 hours last night. After only having about 6 hours of sleep in the 48 hours prior to that, I feel much perkier today.

The crazy week is over and we are officially on vacation. YAY!! Here are a few pics of what we did last week:

I found a potato that looked like a heart on Tuesday. Grace had to take a pic.
Just a little slice of my life. We are easily amused :)

Wed. the boy got his braces off.
Here is the before,
I could hardly believe he smiled for me.

and here is after,
They gave him balloons with popcorn and sour straws attached to the strings. Things you aren't supposed to eat with braces, (not that that ever stopped him). We go back Tuesday to get his retainer.

After the ortho appt. I had to rush home to finish shredding the pork for the pulled pork sandwiches. Then deliver it to the school.
Here is my friend Beth (also a stamper) working the snack bar. Hi Beth!

We snuck out of the snack bar to watch our boys march. Her son is also a snare drummer.
My boy is on the far left and hers is on the far right.
I need to either figure out the settings on the camera or get a new one. I hate fuzzy pics!

Then on Thursday, 15 had her ceremony for NHS (National Honor Society). It was a semi formal black and white event.
This is her buddy. We took her to the movie with us too.

after they light their candles they kinda circled the auditorium and said the NHS pledge and then blew out their candles.
And of course here's my husbands take on it;
"It looks like they're joining a cult."

sorry for the fuzzy pic
It was really beautiful.

So, after the ceremony we came home and got ready to go see

yep, I'm a dork
yes, that is 12:01 AM
yep, I'm a dork

we had driven by the theater after we had run to Target after school to get 15 cheaper shoes (but that is a whole other story), and the line was already forming.
We got there around 9:30 and they were already letting people in. YAY! The line was wrapped behind the building

Here are the girls

here is my friend Veronica and me. She is a Twilight know-it-all. I can't blame her. Its all so very addicting.

We're almost to the front!

I have to hand it to the theater. They were very organized. AND the fact that they let us in early so we didn't have to hang around outside in the cold was awesome. We got in the theater about 10:00. The girls found many of their friends and so we all sat with them. It was like a big slumber party. So many people with blankets and pjs.

The movie was AWESOME!!!!
I realize I'm using that word alot today. Hmmm...oh well, word of the day I guess.
Really, the movie was really good. They stayed closer to the book and I'll admit it, I LOVE JACOB! I loved the Jacob character before they cast Taylor Lautner in it, but I will admit, I think he's great too.
So that was a little bit of my week for you and why I didn't get any stamping done. I've already printed out the Stamping 411 sketch and hope to work on that today. I have some other projects I'd like to get done too, before Monday. We'll be at Disneyland on Monday. The band is marching.
I'll have more for you soon. Thanks for stopping by.
Blessings, b.
Heres a little something for you to think about

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