Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm still here

Nope, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I just got busy........and distracted. Lots going on around here and then my guilty pleasure........I read a book.

I knew I shouldn't have started it, because once I start a book its very hard for me to put it down until its done. So, you want to know what it was?........Twilight.

I had promised 15 that when New Moon came out I would chaperon her and her friends to the midnight showing. In hindsight I realize that was sure dumb. I have a hard time staying up past 9:00. Anyway, I wanted to read Twilight and New Moon again before we went to see it. We even have our tickets already.

I hate to admit it, but its such a good story. When the big hoopla started when Twilight first came out I had no intention of jumping on that bandwagon. Teenage vampires? Give me a break.

Well, 15 started reading them and rereading them and I got curious. She doesn't like to read. Needless to say, I got hooked too. We are Team Jacob girls. Sorry all you Edward lovers.

So anyway, thats part of whats been going on. No stamping! I may go into withdrawls. But tomorrow is another day and I fully intend on getting some stamps dirty.

Not that you care, but I wanted to show you our Veteran's Day activities.

Remember, I said there would be planes to start off the parade.

It was kinda overcast but still warm. Once that sun hit we were all sweating.

This guy was hanging around before the parade started. He had the gentlest horse.
All the kids kept stopping him to pet the horse.

See this dog? This dog wanted to eat the horse. His owner practically had to sit on him to get him to stop.

Heres my drummer boy.

The guy on the far right is my next door neighbor. He is a retired Marine.

This is another neighbor. She is 15 too.

This is her momma. She is kinda a big wig with the Girl Scouts in our area.

Here is the competition we went to that night in Oceanside. See my boy on the left? We only had 3 snares that night. One of our guys hurt his foot playing soccer.

We sat up really high to get the full effect. Ugly field though. We came in 2nd for our division.
So there ya go. No stamping for you today. But I promise tomorrow I'll have something beautiful/gorgeous/awesome/wonderful look at.
Thanks for stopping by.
Blessings, b.

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jaydee said...

Hi B.
thanks for sharing your pics of the activities on veterans day. i enjoyed viewing them. with so much going on (twilight aside :-))... I'm not surprised you haven't been stamping much!
happy Sunday - and thanks for visiting :-)