Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Daily

Again.............. I'm late

15 has been hogging the computer this week with homework. I guess thats more important right?

So here is Dec. 1st.

Okay, so it wasn't such an interesting day. But that is part of the beauty of this project. Not everyday is going to set the world on fire. AND, you don't have to love every page you make. Its only a small part of the whole project and the project as a whole, you will love. Promise.

Typeset Alpha (retired), Classic numbers (retired) and heart from Cheep Talk. Whisper white and real red cardstock. Real Red ink. Circle scissor, lid from the Stampin' Mist bottle for the little circle around the 1, and black journaler and of course dimensionals.

The journaling sounds like I only bought 2 things for $175. But if you look real close, I made a pocket out of the pic and slipped the shopping list behind there. So why would I want to include the list? Because my mother had included shopping lists/receipts in both her wedding album (first shopping list as a married woman) and a shopping list for baby stuff for me and I find them interesting.
This shopping list is totally boring (mostly bathroom stuff) but hey, that is part of my life too.
Just keeping it real here.
Okay, I will be back tomorrow with Dec.2nd. She won't do homework on a Friday :)
Thanks for stopping by.
Blessings, b.

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